Jacksonville Sharks Win Multiple LWOS NAL Awards

Jacksonville Sharks

Continuing our LWOS NAL Awards, we now transition to the team awards. We previously wrapped up the individual player and coaching awards and now move on to the 2019 franchise awards. Just like last season, the Jacksonville Sharks win multiple LWOS NAL awards for the 2019 season.

Jacksonville Sharks Win Multiple LWOS NAL Awards

To begin, the Sharks were able to have a very successful 13-1 season in their 10th season. Their theme all season was “Decade of Dominance”. Making the playoffs nine of their 10 seasons, the Sharks proved that they are worthy of being called a dominant force. In their 10 seasons, they have made it to four league championship games, winning two of them. While that may sound like a 50% win record for championships, there is still one pending game. That game will be played on Saturday, August 17 at 7:00 pm (ET) in Jacksonville, FL.

Franchise of the Year

The Sharks win our Franchise of the Year award simply because they know exactly what it takes to run a winning football team on and off the field. Their 13-1 record (1-0 playoff record) can back that statement up. The constant sponsors and advertizing during the week puts fans in the seats at the arena. Owners, employees, players, and coaches are often found on radio talk shows, live Facebook streams, and often times local news stations. Getting their brand out to the public will definitely help the attendance go up, which will help revenue go up.

Best Fans

In their third consecutive season of dominating the league in attendance, giving this award to Jacksonville is a no-brainer. The Sharks averaged over 7,200 fans this season, which is well over double what the team needs in order to make a reasonable profit. Like mentioned before, more fans in seats will help the team and the league succeed and become the best in the business.

Best Game Day Operations

The Sharks, hands down, have the best game day operations in the league. Employees, staff, interns, and other helpers are often at the arena 10-12 hours before kickoff, making sure everything is right for the game. Whether it’s the field, the dasher boards, the fan events, trivia, or pre-game entertainment, the game day operation staff are the ones to make sure everything happens in a nice manner. Being in other arenas this season, no other team or arena has the help like the Jacksonville Sharks do, especially early in the day. There is not one person that is slacking on the Sharks team.

Best Media Relations

Being a part of the Media for the Jacksonville Sharks, it would be horrendus to not pick the Sharks to win this award. The Sharks have countless people for help when it comes to social media, graphics for games, sponsorships, photography, game day fun, and more. Social Media and other media coverage helps the team succeed, which is why the Sharks have endless amounts of help for all social media platforms as well as the team website.

Best Dance Team

Other teams in the league don’t have a dance team quite like the Sharks do. In fact, members of the Sharks dance team would help other teams. The Sharks and Cobras did a collab where the Sharks dancers would join the Cobras dancers and help them out. Not only that, but the fact that the dancers are always in sync when the music is playing always helps decide who this award goes to. With a new dance coach, the Sharks Attack Dance Team did not look back or even slow down one bit, as they knew that they would be the best in the league from the get-go.

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