Chunky & The Man CFL Podcast episode 16: Glieberman Says League Should Embrace Manziel


Last Word on Sports is proud to present its CFL Podcast, Chunky and the Man. Each week our hosts will look around the Canadian Football League, and bring you the latest news and analysis. They will also strive to bring you in-depth interviews with great guests connected to the CFL. The show is available every Monday where it airs on Blog Talk Radio. It posts here at last word on sports, shortly thereafter. Check out this week’s episode, and watch this space for a new edition next week.

Hosts Brendan McGuire and Marshall Lerner are joined by ex-Ottawa Rough Riders team president Lonie Glieberman to debate whether or not Johnny Manziel brings any value to the Canadian game. The guys discuss free agency too.

The episode can be heard by clicking on the player below:

Chunky & The Man CFL Podcast episode 16: Glieberman Says League Should Embrace Manziel



Marcus “Chunky” Adams is a defensive tackle who played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League for eight seasons. He also was on the rosters of the Edmonton Eskimos, the Colorado Crush and Spokane Shock of the Arena Football League, and the Peoria Rough Riders of AF2 throughout his professional career. He played college football at Eastern Kentucky. He retired from professional football in 2012 but is still active in various charities in the local community.

Brendan McGuire has followed the CFL since 1992. His love affair with three-down football discussion included two seasons as a Roughrider beat reporter for 980 CJME. He currently lives in Regina with his partner Sheena and their dog Sasha.


  1. What about the possibility of substituting a National WR for an international WR, thus enabling an International RB to enter the game for a National RB?

    What about a National TE coming into the game in place of the National RB, allowing the International RB to play?

    Multiple ways the ratio can be manipulated.

    As long as the National/International ratio is maintained on each side of the ball, there will be no real issues.

    Hurl doesn’t need to start at MLB. The Riders seven National starters will be at RB, 3 x OL, WR, DT and FS. An International can start at MLB, my guess Taylor Reed if they want a veteran or a new recruit if an agreement with a veteran can’t be reached.

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  3. A CFL team may use a spot or two on long shots like Johnny Manziel, Josh Freeman, or Trent Richardson but for the most part these are players who they think fit the CFL game and who they feel they have a realistic chance to sign. Remember that every year CFL teams sign many players off their neg. lists. Shane Buechele I think is a very strong candidate to be a CFL QB, for example. His height is a drawback for the NFL game but not so much for the CFL game.


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