Quincy Wilson 2017 NFL Draft Profile

Via Last Word On Pro Football, by Matt Minich

Position: Cornerback
Height: 6‘1”
Weight: 213
School: Florida Gators

Quincy Wilson 2017 NFL Draft Profile

Qunicy Wilson‘s size and speed make him standout in an impressive class of defensive backs entering the NFL Draft this year. The Florida Gators’ cornerback has seen time since his true freshman season, but his junior season was his first to start every game. This season he recorded 33 tackles and three interceptions.

Wilson is a big corner, but he moves like he’s smaller. He has every bit of speed and flexibility that are prerequisites to play the position in the NFL, but in a much larger package. He could be excellent covering large receivers like Julio Jones and A.J. Green particularly if he can learn to be a bit more physical in press coverage. He may even be a good option to cover athletic tight ends like Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham. At the college level, he has the agility to cover smaller receivers as well, and comically his size seems to make them disappear on film. It is unclear if this will transfer to similar receivers in the NFL.

Wilson is used a lot in man coverage, but has the skill set to be successful in zone coverage as well. He makes good reads and is able to jump routes and make plays on the ball because of it. He is physical when tackling, but poor technique leads to missed tackles. He gives incredible effort, often running down plays when the ball is throw well past him.


  • prototypical size.
  • makes good reads and jumps routes.
  • instinctive player.
  • willing tackler.
  • high effort player – does not quit on plays.
  • runs well.
  • can make receivers seemingly disappear.
  • ideal defender in jump ball situations.


  • doesn’t use his hands enough in press coverage.
  • misses tackles.
  • may not match up well with quick cutting slots receivers.
  • unsure how he will match-up with receivers with elite speed.
  • appears stiff at times.
  • his back pedal is not smooth.
  • first year starting every game.

NFL Comparison: Aqib Talib

Teams with Need a Position: Carolina Panthers, New Orleans, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, LA Rams, Philadelphia Eagles

Projection: first round

Bottom Line

It is often talked about that the NFL is all about matchups, and that large athletic receivers and tight ends can be impossible for some defenses to cover. Wilson has the potential to neutralize these types of players. He has a rare combination of size and athletic ability that make him extremely fascinating to NFL executives. He will need to develop his man skills as well as his tackling in order to be successful at the next level.

Wilson may not make an immediate impact in the NFL, but could develop into an incredible player in the right setting. He has enough ability that he may be able to get on the field quickly, but without hard work and good coaching this could be very frustrating for him. He will need to develop his man coverage skills and tackling skills before his potential can be fully realized.