Top Midseason Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl Candidates

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Last Word On Pro Football, Parker Hurley

Now that we are about halfway through the regular season, it is time to start considering which players are deserving of the Pro Bowl. For this series, we will look at the three most deserving candidates for each team. Obviously, some teams will have more or less than three players selected, but for simplicity purposes, we will discuss the top three.

Top Midseason Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl Candidates

Maurkice Pouncey

Pouncey has been healthy this season and has resumed his spot as the top center in the NFL. The Steelers offensive line has been solid throughout the season, and Pouncey has easily been the unit’s best and most consistent asset. The Steelers have shuffled running backs, quarterbacks and have had shifts at left guard and right tackle due to injury but the line has stayed strong with Pouncey as the anchor. This would mark the fifth Pro Bowl for Pouncey, and at his pace may be in line to make his third All-Pro team.

Antonio Brown

Brown is having a down year by his standards but is still easily a top five talent in the NFL, and a top ten statistical receiver. Brown ranks fourth in receptions, ninth in yards and fourth in touchdowns among NFL pass catchers so far. Keep in mind that he had played one game without Ben Roethlisberger and one-half with an injured Roethlisberger, and the team has had their bye week already. Brown is likely to finish among the elite pass catchers again this season and is a surefire Pro Bowl selection. Like Pouncey, this season may result in Pro Bowl number five and All-Pro team number three for the stud wide receiver.

David DeCastro

The offensive line has been the consistent team strength, and DeCastro and Pouncey are the main reasons behind that. DeCastro has not necessarily had his best season to date, but his play is still at the level deserving of the honor. His biggest strength may be pulling and opening holes in space, but DeCastro is above average in every facet. DeCastro has had to face the elite defensive tackles in the league this season. So far, Geno Atkins, Fletcher Cox, Ndamukong Suh, Dontari Poe, Malcolm Brown and Leonard Williams have all had encounters with DeCastro in 2016. He has won some and lost some, but no one can say that they have faced stiffer competition. DeCastro will be looking to make his second Pro Bowl this season.

Honorable mention:

While those three will be the most likely to make the Pro Bowl, there are three others deserving of potential recognition, but injury and suspension have held them back. Ben Roethlisberger was setting the world on fire and was one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the NFL before going down with a meniscus injury. He is likely to come back in the next week or two and should be a Pro Bowl candidate by December.

Le’Veon Bell played in only three games, but already is in the top 25 in rushing, the top five in yards per attempt, and has more yards after the catch than all but five players in the NFL. At this pace, he will finish the season as a surefire Pro Bowl player, despite the loss of time.

Cameron Heyward is a tougher sell but deserves recognition if he can come back healthy and help the run defense. Heyward leads the team in sacks and is a stud against the run, but two missed games and a loaded position of defensive lineman will hurt his chances.

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