Toronto Blue Jays Acquire Melvin Upton Jr.

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The Toronto Blue Jays have acquired Melvin Upton Jr from the San Diego Padres. As part of the trade, San Diego will be paying the majority of Upton’s remaining contract. For their part, the Blue Jays will be sending over an unidentified Class A player to the Padres as well.

Toronto Blue Jays Acquire Melvin Upton Jr.

Upton is currently in the middle of a nice bounce back season, hitting .256 with 16 homeruns, 45 RBIs and 20 stolen bases. Other than Wil Myers, Upton has arguably been the Padres best player this season. Having the Padres foot most of the bill is a huge plus for the Jays, as Upton is owed $15.45 million this year and $16.45 million next year.

After bursting onto the scene with the Tampa Bay Rays, Upton made himself very desirable over the years. Unfortunately, Upton had never been able to live up to the significant contract he signed with the Atlanta Braves back in 2013, and had struggles mightily the past few seasons. Having the Padres cover most of the salary should protect Toronto should Upton regress during this season or next.

By trading Upton, the Padres have continued to move on from the disaster that was their 2014 off-season. San Diego let Justin Upton walk via free agency after the 2015 season ended, and traded both closer Craig Kimbrel and starting James Shields.

As for Toronto, the Blue Jays are loading up on talent as they make a push to return to the postseason once again. Currently sitting behind both the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox in the American League East, expect Toronto to be aggressive as the trade deadline approaches. Earlier this month, Upton was rumored to be targeted by the Orioles, but by swooping in and acquiring the outfielder, Toronto has now killed two birds with one stone.

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