Washington Nationals 2016 Midseason Report

The Washington Nationals entered 2016 differently than the last few years. They were not pegged to win the World Series by seemingly every baseball person. Some people felt they wouldn’t even win the division, as edging out the reigning National League Champion New York Mets would be a tough task. So far they have played first place baseball with a 54-36 record. They have a six-game lead over the Mets as they hit the midseason point. Although it will be tough to hold them off, it already seems like this Nats team is finally performing to its potential.

Nationals 2016 Midseason Report

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  1. A couple of comments/corrections. First of all, Espinosa has never been named to the All Star team. His season is indeed a surprise, in large part because many of those hits that used to fall for doubles have gone out of the park instead. Otherwise, he is hitting similarly to the way he did during his solid rookie season.

    As for Ramos, he had Lasik eye surgery in the offseason, and being able to see the ball better has allowed him to live up to the offensive potential he was thought to have back when he first entered the league.

    Also, I would give the biggest disappoint award to Ryan Zimmerman. There were big warning signs in Taylor’s lack of plate discipline in the minors and as a rookie a year ago that he might not ever hit well enough to become a major league regular–which is why they acquired Revere as a fall back option in the first place. Zimmerman–the heart and soul of the Nats during the bad years–looks old and busted even though he’s only 31.

    1. You are correct about Espinosa not being an All-Star. It must have been misconstrued along the way as I researched. Things like that happen when you write 1500-word articles but I personally do not want mistakes like that at all.
      As for your other comments, obviously different people will have different opinions. Zimmerman has been a disappointment, but we have seen him regress that way in the past two years. He played in a limited number of games those years, but overall his numbers have started to go down. I’m sure you would agree that Taylor is a disappointment and Ramos is a surprise to a certain extent, it’s just a matter of how you rank them and why. Disagreement with my points is fine because nobody will agree 100% with every argument/analysis.
      I do appreciate you reading my article and having a civil discussion regarding it. Thank you.

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