Montreal Canadiens Development Camp Report – Wednesday, July 6th

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Montreal Canadiens Development Camp Report

Wednesday, July 6th

The early part of the day was low tempo compared to yesterday, with no real highlights worth mentioning other than the fact Charles Hudon is the unquestioned leader out there. He starts all the drills (even when others try to go first), and leads by example, and can even be caught coaching players up on the side.

Daniel Audette is the type of player made for these cone drills. His skill-set is emphasized as he slaloms through the obstacle courses, looking “silky-smooth,” to quote myself.

Michael McCarron seemed relaxed out there, getting accustomed to the camp environment even though it may not necessarily highlight his strengths.

The scrimmage didn’t hold much drama either, which wasn’t much of a surprise considering the club scratched the four-team mini-game(s) format for one extended scrimmage of four-on-four with full rosters. Likely this change in the schedule was due to tomorrow’s early grand finale. Rather than holding the normal 4 p.m. scrimmage, the players will compete starting at 9 a.m. as camp breaks by 11:30 a.m.


With limited ice-time available and a shortened game clock, stars like Hudon only received a handful of shifts. But you can bet he was dominant each and every time.

Mikhail Sergachev saw a good amount of ice himself, though I thought he was trying to do too much and turned the puck over or got caught out of position on more than one occasion (including being burned badly by Hudon for a break; luckily for him someone went offside).

Sergachev’s most notable moment was when he was on the wrong end of a Jeremiah Addison check, as the 2015 7th round pick caught the big Russian right in the chops at his own blue line. Sergachev was losing his balance trying to play the puck, and just as his knees bent, Addison leaned into him viciously.

Defence partner Nikolas Koberstein took exception to the hit and immediately crossed over toward Addison to exchange words, but 6’6 Mike McCarron entered the scene and aggressively let both defenseman know that if they have a problem with Addison they have a problem with him. Sergachev got nasty right back, but wasn’t about to drop the gloves with the behemoth of a man.

Canadiens hopefuls Nikita Scherbak and Martin Reway saw at least a pair of shifts together. The two flashy prospects created some chances for teammates, but couldn’t convert anything into gold. It was probably because of the artificial environment, but Reway seemed too passive. He was looking to make the perfect play a little too much, though he clearly has raw ability and high-end vision.

The same can be said for Scherbak, but he all too often plays that way. He displayed some fancy dangling again, but everything good was accomplished in space. He needs to start executing in traffic at high-speeds.

Notes: It doesn’t matter where you come from, if you can play, they’ll find you.

Will Bitten created chances for himself with his speed and tenacity. He drove the net and used nice technique to get inside of defenders without losing a step. You can see him practicing newly learned techniques from the early drills as the day wears on. He has a nice future ahead of him with that work ethic.

German-born Markus Eisenschmid has impressed on several occasions throughout development camp. He has some power in his step, and a nice release on the backhand or forehand. Looks bigger than the listed 6′ as he has some nice technical ability protecting the puck in stride.

Noah Juulsen skated the puck well today. The Canadiens 2015 1st-rounder even had a shot beat Zachary Fucale low off the rush, before Scott Eansor jammed it past the goal line for good measure. He knows he has something to prove and is playing like it.

Goalie Report

Michael McNiven made one particularly spectacular save, but also got beat on a couple goal mouth plays in tight.

Fucale was consistent again, but Hayden Hawkey gave him a run for his money as top netminder today.

It was much of the same as yesterday for Charlie Lindgren. A couple of big saves where he flashed his impressive lateral movement, but the St. Cloud product was also beat clean from outside a few times. He’ll need to clean-up his consistency if he wants to challenge for the team’s backup job come September.

Make sure to tune in early tomorrow for the last day of the 2016 Montreal Canadiens Development Camp! It will be your last chance to see these players skate for a while, so don’t miss a moment by following me on twitter @MikeBarrett_ for live updates, pics, & videos.

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