WWE Draft on first live Smackdown


WWE Draft on first live Smackdown

This morning, World Wrestling Entertainment announced a WWE Draft would be the theme of the first live Smackdown on Tuesday, July 19, 2016. WWE also used the same method to divide its rosters back in February of 2002 as well.

In May, the company revealed that Smackdown was going live. Along with that news, they also brought back the brand extension. This essentially splits their roster and crew members into two parts.

However, the company did not outline the exact process of how they will do the WWE draft. Perhaps, they will use their own history as an example. During the first draft, it was “WWE Co-Owners” Vince McMahon and Ric Flair going back and forth taking select WWE Superstars to their brand. It was decided beforehand that only 20 picks would be made live on Monday Night RAW that night. WWE did the rest of the draft via lottery on their website. Potentially, now that the company has its own WWE Network, we could see the draft play out live in its entirety. This would be similar to how it is done on television with other major sports leagues.

In the press release, WWE confirmed there would be general managers for each brand and that their superstars would be competing against each other for television ratings, live events, and pay-per-views.

WWE still has not given fans an official start date for the split RAW and Smackdown shows either. WWE does have a PPV that Sunday, July 24, called WWE Battleground. So, the split shows could start as early as the following Monday on RAW.

Well, at least now WWE fans can get their big board’s ready and start doing mock drafts in anticipation for the real WWE Draft in almost one month’s time.


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