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Hummels Joins Dortmund-Bayern List

Centre-back, Mats Hummels, is the latest to join the Dortmund-Bayern list. Players often make the crucial transfer, in spite of interest from elsewhere.

Hummels Joins Dortmund-Bayern List

Earlier in the week, Bayern Munich announced that they had procured Mats Hummels, despite interest from other huge clubs, including Manchester United. The widely rumoured Premier League move was trumped by the German giants.

Not only is it interesting that he has chosen this path, it also follows a trend of many Borussia Dortmund greats. Although the medical is still pending, Hummels, aged 27, is ready to join the Bundesliga heavyweights. He has penned a five-year contract with the Bavarian side, which will be freshly run by Carlo Ancelotti come the beginning of the 2016/17 season.

After a seven-year stint in a black-and-yellow jersey, he’s obviously looking to be part of a team that not only takes charge, but repeatedly wins matches and gets significant results. Although Pep Guardiola has assisted the club in securing so many victories, Ancelotti will surely be looking to replicate – if not improve upon – their present form.

Dortmund have had a sensational campaign of late, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang bagging a ridiculous tally of goals for the team. However, perhaps it’s just not enough – Hummels wants in on the magic that is Bayern Munich. After all, he did play a single match for them back in 2007. Or, perhaps he merely fancies a change.

Robert Lewandowski has expressed his joy at Hummels joining, appreciating all that he does as a centre-back. Lewandowski is one to have made the transition himself. His time at Dortmund was incredibly exciting, and his record has been glowing ever since, just at the Allianz Arena instead.

There have been more Dortmund talents to jump ship, too. However, Mario Götze is probably one of the biggest, in-line with Lewandowski. The rise of Götze was also exceptional, seeing one of his proudest contributions slotting a goal in to sweep Germany the title of FIFA World Cup champions back in 2014.

But why is it that they leave Dortmund?

The race is almost so neck-and-neck that the tension is palpable between the teams, so why would it be considered an honourable and comfortable move to make? Imagine the heckling, for one thing. As much as players such as Mats Hummels might be subjected to some criticisms and slurs, it is a very crafty decision. Bayern steal the lead so quickly that you would barely know the new season had started; this notion must seem appealing to dogged Dortmund stars that graft, but don’t see the same results as easily.

For a player of Hummels’ calibre, is it a decision based on him remaining at a club now until he retires? He’s in his late twenties, as aforementioned, and has a reputation for being a one-club man. Perhaps he’s committing to Bayern now, to seal one last major triumph – or set of – before hanging up his boots? If this is the case, it is logical.

He wasn’t going to necessarily safely secure a league trophy if he’d chosen Manchester United. Their turbulent past few seasons have tarred their traditional prowess as a club just slightly, so maybe Bayern was a better bet. Irrespective of his reasons, he will be a welcome addition.


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