FSW Lucha Libre Extravaganza Preview

Fighting Spirit Wrestling presents Lucha Libre Extravaganza on Friday May 6th at the Floyd Bennett American Legion Post in Brooklyn, NY.

FSW Lucha Libre Extravaganza

Da Hit Squad (Steve “Monsta” Mack & Dan “Mafia” Maff) vs

Team Lucha/Los Ben Dejos (Jay Rios & Jon Cruz).

This has been the chance to be one of the most contentious matches on the card. Since the match has been signed, both teams have taken to social media, taking turns belittling each other as the event grows closer. Team Lucha trained under the Dudley Boys and both members of Da Hit Squad have made it clear that they are not only sending a message to Team Lucha, but the Dudleys as well. On a card with the name Lucha in it, Rios and Cruz are looking to make an impact by defeating two local independent legends and have gone so far as to mock their opponents’ physiques on instagram:


Both teams are chomping at the bit to get in the ring and settle their dispute and the clash should be an intense contest, as the tandems are making this a personal affair.


FSW has had five-star matches in the past, but this is one of the biggest in recent memory. Each competitor in this match has a legitimate chance of walking away the victor in a contest that will feature a great deal of speed and skill. The participants are a who’s who on the independent scene. Legendary Lucha Libre Icon Blue Demon Jr, a veteran of the Lucha style of wrestling, was most recently on Lucha Underground’s first season and his most well-known as the first Mexican NWA World Heavyweight champion. Lince Dorado, recently announced as a participant in WWE’s Global Cruiserweight Series, will be making FSW debut as he attempts to continue to pick up steam as he heads into the tournament this summer. Latin Dragon, a native of Puerto Rico, has spent his time plying his trade in CZW and looks to add to his impressive list of accomplishments by winning the contest. Amasis, a graduate of the Chikara wrestling school, normally wrestles in a tag team, but looks to succeed as a singles wrestler at the event.  As if those stars were not enough, international superstar Jigsaw, a veteran of ROH,CZW,TNA and Global Force Wrestling will round out the masked stars in this match. This match will be fast-paced and exciting, no matter who walks away the victor.


“Señor” Eric Martin, of CZW fame will be making his FSW debut at Lucha Libre Extravaganza against the newly crowned Primero champion, AJ Spectre. Spectre and his girlfriend/manager Mandi will be looking to continue to prove that theirs is the “Greatest Love Story Ever Told”. After having a impromptu loss against Joel Maximo expunged from his win-loss record, AJ was able to keep his “undefeated” streak going by picking up the win against Talon. As is typical during his matches, Mandi’s interference played a role, as she smashed a mirror over Talon’s head, help him secure the victory and the title. In his first defense, Spectre will look to keep his newly gained strap against an opponent he has never seen in the ring in an important match for both men.


Cyrus DeVille will meet Ian Aldwin in the first ever “I Quit” Match in FSW. The two were former stablemates under the tutelage of PJ Stackpole but have since split ways and the break-up has not been pretty. After months of back and forth, the two signed a contract for this match last month. Exposing Cyrus’s struggles with alcohol in the past, Ian Aldwin added insult to injury by smashing a beer bottle over his former friend’s skull. The rivalry between the two has been building to this big blow-off match and fans should expect bloodshed and for both men to pull out all the stops. Both men feel wronged in this one, so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this contest.


The Elements (Pyro and Iceburg)  vs The Elite (Joe Ettell and Talon) vs The Zoltan (Whiplash and Kris Kage)

Two months ago, the Zoltan ran in during a tag title match between The Elite and The Elements. At last month’s show they managed to defeat the Elements to become the FSW tag team champions. The combination of Joe Ettell and Talon never really getting a fair shake at the titles due to the run-in and The Elements demanding their rematch as former champions led to this match being a triple threat match for the titles. This is yet another match on the card that is packed with talent and will showcase the best tag teams that Fighting Spirit Wrestling has to offer.

Battle of the Big Men

Malta The Damager vs Suntan

Two of the FSW’s biggest men will clash next week. Both men have proven to be fan favorites, surprising fans with athletic feats not normally displayed by men of their size. Suntan has used a moonsault to great effect and Malta has been known to fly off the top rope on occasion as well. During the Lion’s Den match, Malta seemed to have issues with Leon Mason and with the big man not having a match on the card, it would not be surprising to see him get involved in this match, not wanting to be left out of a match that will could answer the question of who is the company’s most dominant big man.


“The Japanese Killing Machine” Magma takes on Kris Rex

At the onset of Lion’s Den last month, SNOT attempted to assert its dominance by beating down Sutan, only to have Magma come down to ringside to make the save. With his compatriots banding together to defeat the FSW stalwarts, Kris Rex will grapple with Magma, hoping to follow in Azrieal’s footsteps and beat the crimson faced Japanese Killing Machine. Rex has been the architect of SNOT, so it stands to reason he will not come to this match with any ideas of a fair fight. After sneakily hiding under the ring during the Lion’s Den match, Rex will look to launch himself into title contention with a victory over the crowd favorite Magma.

6 man Tag Team Main Event

THE SNOT (“The Croatian Sensation” Mario Bokara, “2 Cocky” Kevin Matthews, & “The Bad Guy” Azrieal vs. Team FSW (Joel Maximo, “The Man of Steel” Mike Verna, & “Flawless” Blake Morris)

This match has been brewing for months. Ever since Sami Callihan joined SNOT alongside Kris Rex and Azariel, the group has made additions that have strengthened and legitimized the group. Mario Bokara and FlagBoy joined SNOT’s ranks as the last event, Lion’s Den began and by the night’s end Kevin Matthews counted himself amongst the ever growing list of names to be associated with the faction. In fact, it was the actions of Kevin Matthews that led to tensions erupting between Team FSW’s trio of Joel Maximo, Mike Verna and Blake Morris.

Team FSW may not work as the cohesive unit they seemed to be at the end of Lion’s Den. Joel and Verna have twice taken each other to the limit in student vs teacher matches and Morris has emerged as the number one contender to Verna’s title after the Lion’s Den match, which saw him defeat Maxwell Jacob Feinstein in the last match of the evening. With PJ Stackpole’s rise to power as acting FSW commissioner following Maxim’s suspension by New York State Athletic Commission, Verna’s allegiances and motivations have come into question. “The Man of Steel” has had Stackpole seemingly intercede on his behalf during title defences, much to the chagrin of Blake Morris. It’ll be interesting to see how these volatile forces mesh together as the take on what all three of them agree to be the larger evil in the form of SNOT.