FSW Kill Them All: Sami Callihan Returns

Fighting Spirit Wrestling made a triumphant return to Brooklyn this past Friday night with its latest show, Kill Them All. The event also saw Sami Callihan make his return since his time in WWE NXT to the company on a night filled with action and surprises.

Fighting Spirit Wrestling is an independent organization run by the Ludus school in in the five boroughs of New York City.

Sami Callihan Returns

Sami Callahan, formerly Solomon Crowe of NXT, squared off against “The Japanese Killing Machine” Magma in a brutal and surprising affair. Both men put their all into this match, taking brutal bumps all around the ring area, with Callihan being thrown through the ring barricade, brutally toppling it in the process. Despite the crash landing on the steel divider, Callihan was able to recover and wrestle Magma to a time limit draw. However, “The Callihan Death Machine” was not done there. After Kris Rex and “The Good Guy” Azrieal circled the ring, the former NXT fan favorite surprised the crowd by aligning with the members of SNOT, while laying Magma to waste. It should be interesting to see how this alliance will affect FSW in the months to come.

Tag Team Division Heats Up

Pyro Puls and Iceberg,The Elements, who recently won the titles at Immortal Holiday 5, defended their titles against the former champions, the charismatic and high flying duo of  Certified Sexy, Nutrious X and Geno. Just when it seemed that Cerified Sexy would reclaim the FSW tag team championship, Iceberg scored a quick pinfall on Geno, escaping with the belts and living to fight another day. With Geno and Nutrious X still in the title discussion, another team took a stride forward as Talon and Joe Ettell, The Elite, were able to score a big win over another former championship duo in the form of Da House of Payne. Despite outside interference, The Elite came away with the win and have their sights set on the tag team belts.

Lumberjack Mayhem

One of the most enjoyable parts of the night was the lumberjack match pitting Cyrus DeVille against Ian Aldwin. With a majority of the roster surrounding the ring, the match devolved into a donnybrook, with wrestlers filling the ring and fling out just as quickly. Heels like A.J. Spectre and his girlfriend Mandy jawed with the crowd as the match went on and the action outside of the ring was just as exciting as the match taking between the ropes. As tempers flared with the heels and faces brawling forcing the referees to send the lumberjacks to the back, Cyrus was able to get the best of Aldwin and gain a measure of revenge against his former manager P.J. Stackpole. The melee that broke out during the match will no doubt keep this battle between Cyrus and Stackpole’s protege Leon Mason and Ian Aldwin for months to come.

Teacher vs. Student

The main event of the evening saw Ludus school trainer and FSW mentor Joel Maximo take on the FSW World Champion and former student, “The Man of Steel” Mike Verna. Maximo answered the challenge his former page Verna threw down at Immortals Holiday 5. As if the match itself wasn’t rife with intrigue already, the champion put his belt on the line against his former instructor, adding another layer of tension to the bout. After a back and forth that spoke to the respect both men hold for each other, Maximo slowed the match down to his pace and was in firm control until Verna grabbed the World title while the referee was incapacitated. Having a crisis of conscience, Verna chose to forego treachery to win cleanly. However, P.J. Stackpole, Verna’s former manager marched down to the ring and lent a suspicious hand by whipping Maximo with the strap behind the official’s back. Verna came away with the win and a successful title defense, but the shenanigans didn’t end there as “Supastar” Whiplash and Flawless Blake Morris came down to ringside to apparently aid Maximo. Whiplash took the opportunity to send a message to the current champion, planting the seed for a showdown next month as Fighting Spirit Wrestling will return to Brooklyn for another night of fun-filled action.

Main Photo Via Fightingspirtwrestling.com