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This One's on Me: NFL Stars To Have a Drink With

NFL Stars To Have a Drink With: We have all been there before when you are out drinking with your friends at a sports bar watching a game.

We have all been there before when you are out drinking with your friends at a sports bar watching a game.  Everyone gets to talking about the game and different sports related topics.  Eventually one of the topics that everyone likes to discuss is one of my personal favorites “Which athlete or coach would you go out drinking with?” I have thought about this topic several times over the last couple of years and have narrowed down a list of NFL players/coaches that I would drink with and go bar hopping with for a night.  Here are those choices.

This One’s on Me: NFL Stars To Have a Drink With

1. Rex Ryan

Come on people, I know not everyone likes how he coaches and his teams always have a solid defense but usually lack some offensive power to get them into the playoffs.  When you take away his coaching though and watch his press conferences you will see why I chose him.  I hate watching press conferences, more often than not I see more coaches like Belichick who try to cover their strategy and give overall pretty boring answers to the media’s questions.  However, when Rex Ryan comes up I will pay attention to what he says. He’s always willing to speak his mind and never afraid of what he says to the media.  This all leads to a great drinking candidate with a side of possibly cause a huge bar fight but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

2. Rob Gronkowski

Anyone who doesn’t choose Gronk in this list is absolutely lying to themselves.  Gronk is basically the ultimate partier when it comes to the NFL and drinking.  I feel like he would find a way to turn any situation in to a full blown party.  Is there anyone that parties harder than Gronk? I mean besides the band Motley Crue, or some of the classic rock bands in the 60’s and 70’s.  Basically can anyone party harder than Gronk in the more PC area of modern day society.  Johnny Manziel tries to but he gets hated on for it while Gronk can keep on partying.  Party on Rob, Party on.

3. Jay Cutler

Does Jay Cutler honestly care what anyone thinks?  No, he does not.  He has no care in the world.  Honestly I never thought about throwing Jay Cutler into my drinking group until a couple of my buddies brought him up, when I questioned him it was basically because Cutler couldn’t care less what anyone thinks about him and it is awesome.  Cutler is a savage, he is the type of person who would light a cigarette in a nonsmoking area and not care about the people complaining to him to put it out.  Some people might think he’s just a complete douche for this quality, but I think it makes him awesome to go drinking with and that’s why he’s on my list.  In fact, I won’t even try to explain it more.  Just deal with it, Cutler makes my list.

4. Travis Kelce

I follow Kelce on Snapchat and it is awesome.  Is there something about tight ends in the NFL anymore that makes them perfect candidates for this situation?  I’m not sure but Kelce is similar to Gronk not only for the number 87 and being a solid player at his position in the NFL but also for going hard off the field as well but knowing when to party and when to focus on football.  Kelce hasn’t been in the league that long and you could easily credit this as well to me being a Chiefs fan but keep a closer eye on him and you will see why I chose him.  This guy will be fun to watch over the next few years. Keep doing what you are doing, Zeus.

This sums up my NFL drinking group for now.  I will do this list for more leagues pretty soon as well.  I would love to hear feedback from other fans on who is on their list and the reasoning behind their choices.  Until my next list, have a drink on me.

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