Top Midseason Cleveland Browns Pro Bowl Candidates

Now that we are about halfway through the regular season, it is time to start considering which players are deserving of the Pro Bowl. For this series, we will look at the three most deserving candidates for each team. Obviously, some teams will have more or less than three players selected to the Pro Bowl, but for simplicity purposes, we will discuss the top three either way.


Gary Barnidge

If you play fantasy football, you probably know who Gary Barnidge is. He’s the guy that someone picked up on a hunch in week 1 and become one of the most productive tight ends in the league. Compared to New England’s Rob Gronkowski, Barnidge has 42 catches on 64 targets to Gronk’s 44 catches on 68 targets. Gronkowski has churned out 693 yards to Barnidges’ 602, and the touchdowns are seven-to-six in favor of Gronkowski. The eight-year veteran has achieved career highs in multiple areas this season, including matching his career mark in touchdowns against arguably the best defensive team in the league, the Denver Broncos. Although some of his success is circumstantial, especially him being athletically inferior to a lot of tight ends, we shouldn’t ignore the contributions Barnidge has made thus far.

Joe Thomas

There is no question that Joe Thomas will make the Pro Bowl; instead, let’s begin making his case for the Hall of Fame. Thomas has made eight Pro Bowls in all eight seasons, including seven consecutive All-Pro selections. When looking at the most valuable positions, number one is always the quarterback, followed by the debate between left tackle or a pass rusher. For a left tackle to receive such honors shows his dominance at a precious position. The former top-three pick has lived up to every Browns’ dream, and while they have mangled most of the roster around him, he has stayed true. Despite his name being involved in trade rumors, he didn’t want to leave neither his team nor his teammates. This guy is a true football player.

Alex Mack

Mack has been the second-most stable piece in Cleveland since his arrival in 2009. While injury ended his 2014 campaign, he’ll be looking to make his third Pro Bowl appearance this year. Center, another very essential position, is a tough one for many teams to have stability at. When he went down last season, it devastated the Browns. While his return has not changed the record, it has in the very least improved the line, and his quality of play deserves the recognition.

Many will want perennial Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden to return to Hawaii, but after missing three games and playing inconsistently, he’s somewhat had a lost season. With a deep wide receiver pool, it would be hard for Travis Benjamin to make a case solely as a wideout, but it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibilities to make it as a returner.

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