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Blue Jays Prospect Is Tearing Up the Minors

It comes as no surprise that Orelvis Martinez is heating things up in the Toronto Blue Jays minor league system. In a week, he has five home runs and 13 RBI. Due to his impressive numbers, Martinez was named MiLB’s Prospect Team of the Week. He deserves to be called up to the majors soon, as the hype continues for the hot prospect at Triple-A Buffalo. 

Blue Jays Prospect Orelvis Martinez Tearing Up Minors

On April 18th, Martinez’s hit streak reached 12 games. The Blue Jays’ No. 2 prospect also recorded six home runs in seven days on April 21st. The Blue Jays still need to offset some level of development, and Martinez isn’t the most dynamic player defensively, but if he carries this momentum into May, it will be huge for him. He does require more playing time, and he plays one position, second base. Daniel Vogelbach doesn’t play a lot, so he’s dispensible, but is that too small of a role for Martinez? Addison Barger has also been playing well for Buffalo, with three home runs and 21 RBI so far this season. The Blue Jays could certainly use another hot bat in their lineup, as there has been a decline in offense from some of the big-name players like George Springer. Martinez, without question, deserves to be promoted. 

Call Him Up!

Martinez is enjoying a grand start to his season, including a grand slam on April 17th against Columbus. The impressive numbers don’t seem to disappear with Martinez. During his 15-game hitting streak, he recorded 6 home runs, 18 RBI, a line of .361/.418/.754, a .493 wOBA, and 192 wRC+. He also had at least one hit in 17 of his 18 games this season. What’s even crazier is the 22-year-old prospect had zero home runs over his first 11 games of 2024. But since then, he has looked like a whole different player. All six of his home runs came over his last seven games. That bat is gonna get him to the majors sooner rather than later.

The simple answer to getting called up could be if someone gets injured. However, considering that Vogelbach doesn’t play a lot, this could be the opportunity to give Martinez a shot and DFA Vogelbach. Toronto eventually has to give this prospect a shot in the majors, as he’s showcased how he deserves a chance. So many talented prospects are already playing in the majors and succeeding. Watching Martinez play in the majors and alongside the other young players on the Blue Jays roster would be exciting. The Blue Jays have so many talented young players in the minors, and we will continue to see the development of these youngsters over the years. 


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