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All FIBA EuroBasket 2015 Team

In this article I will map out my best possible team, compiled of players currently competing in the FIBA EuroBasket 2015 tournament. The team will have twelve players. Five starters, a sixth man, four positional backups and two wildcard player choices. So in a way you could call it a squad, but let’s stick with team for now. Let’s begin…

All FIBA EuroBasket 2015 Team

Tony Parker – Point guard – France

I chose Tony Parker mainly for his experience. The 33 year old Frenchman is not only a great player, but he also doubles as an on court coach. Parker will be one of France’s leading players as you would expect, and luckily enough for France, Parker and others have a very strong chance of getting to the final of this year’s EuroBasket. With talented players such as Nicholas Batum, Boris Diaw and the skyscraper that is Rudy Gobert, Parker doesn’t have as much pressure to score on this team as he does on the Spurs back in the NBA. This means Parker will work as a pure point guard during the tournament; I believe this will benefit the French team immensely. Tony Parker is a player anyone would want on their team, and that’s why he’s on mine.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Shooting Guard – Greece

Giannis Antetokounmpo A.K.A “Greek Freak” is on this team for one reason – his unbelievable athleticism. Antetokounmpo can fly and glide. He is my on court superhero, and I believe every team needs one; the guy can jump out of the gym. Even though Giannis is still only 20 years old, he makes it onto my team as the X-factor teams fear. He is the one guy opposing teams can’t quite work out and control. Antetokounmpo plays for Greece and even though the Greeks may not have the team to win the tournament, Giannis has the game to put the Greece team into a more competitive position during games. Giannis is set to have a great tournament for Greece and is also a great member of my All EuroBasket team.

Nicholas Batum – Small Forward – France

The second Frenchman on my team is Charlotte Hornets forward Nicholas Batum. Batum is one of the French team’s leading players, and is on my team not just for his quality, but also for his versatility. Nicholas Batum can play both the guard and forward positons, meaning you can move him around not only to take advantage of his abilities, but also to confuse your opponent’s matchup. I’ve always thought Batum was a quality player and was very surprised when the Portland Trailblazer’s let him go. Batum can have big games and also has a rare knack to fill almost all of the stat lines. Batum can score, rebound and create steal opportunities. Batum really can do it all and that’s why the talented Frenchman is on my team.

Dirk Nowitzki – Power Forward – Germany

This selection explains it self – as one of the best players of all time, Dirk Nowitzki is a future hall of famer and will have a great impact on any team he plays for. Luckily enough for Germany he is going to be playing for them, and despite Dirk Nowitzki’s age, he will still be a leading scorer for his nation. It is inevitable that Nowitzki can put the ball in the basket with his eyes closed, and this German team which is talented will only go further into the tournament with Dirk shooting like the mid-range beast he really is. Dirk Nowitzki is one of my favorite players ever, and that played a huge part in me selecting him for my team. It was a tough choice, as there are a lot of good talented players at this year’s tournament, but I firmly believe Nowitzki will have more of an impact than all of them.

Pau Gasol – Center – Spain

Now there are a lot of talented centers at this year’s tournament. I had to consider about 7 players to fill this place on the team, but as a Lakers fan I could not pass up on one of my team’s best players ever, Pau Gasol. The Spaniard is the perfect floor general. He has size, attitude and a very good basketball brain. Gasol is a great player and is the perfect guy to add to my already extremely talented team. There aren’t too many players that can give you as much as what Gasol offers you on the court. Plus, adding an All-star into the mix will only benefit your team. Gasol is the final member of my starting five, but we are not done yet.

Sergio Llull – Sixth man/Point guard – Spain

Every team needs a good sixth man. In recent years it has proven pivotal in the NBA to have a strong, talented player coming off the bench, and my guy is Spain and Real Madrid Point Guard Sergio Llull. Sergio Llull adds creativity, and similar to starter Tony Parker, he can control the tempo of a game. Llull has even been considered by some NBA teams for next season, which proves that Llull is a respected and talented guard around the world. That is why he’s a perfect fit for my team.

Marco Belinelli – Backup Shooting guard – Italy

Marco Belinelli is another strong player to add; Belinelli is a great shooter and adds another dimension to our bench. Teams need scoring off the bench and that’s what this one will have. A former winner of the NBA Three Point Contest, Belinelli will be one of the better shooters at this year’s tournament and will definitely be needed by Italy if their team is to go deep into the tournament.

Rudy Fernandez – Backup Small Forward – Spain

Spain’s Rudy Fernandez is not only a former NBA player, but is one of the stronger forwards at the tournament; Fernandez can give a team a lot offensively; he can shoot well and even dunk and attack the rim on occasion. Fernandez is the perfect complement to starter Nicholas Batum as Fernandez is just as versatile as Batum. Having two guys like this on your team could make life very difficult for your opponent.

Nikola Mirotic – Backup Power Forward – Spain

Despite hailing from Titograd, Montenegro Mirotic plays for Spain due to playing in the country from 2008-2014. Mirotic had a very good start to his NBA career with the Chicago Bulls and was even in contention for Rookie of the year. Going off what I saw last season, Nikola Mirotic deserves to be on my All EuroBasket team.

Jonas Valanciunas – Backup Center – Lithuania

I’ve chosen Jonas Valanciunas for the backup center spot on my team purely because I believe he is the best player on his nation of Lithuania’s team. Valanciunas plays for the Toronto Raptors in the NBA and has just signed a new deal proving that he is worth a new deal, which means if he can get paid in the NBA, he can get on my team, but only as a backup… Sorry Jonas.

My Two Wildcard Picks

Mario Hezonja – Guard/Forward – Croatia

A very exciting young kid who has just been drafted, Hezonja brings attitude and swagger to the team, plus he is so talented that it wouldn’t surprise me if he took part in both the dunk contest and the three point contest in the future. I’m a big fan of this young gun.

Rudy Gobert – Center – France

A contender of mine for the backup center spot, Gobert is an athletic freak. Standing at 7-foot-1 the Utah Jazz center will have a surprisingly big impact on the French team this tournament. He is talented, and the main reason he’s on my team is because he provides the athletic ability at the center position that I was missing.


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