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Do the Redskins Need To Move On from RG3?

Do the Washington Redskins have a quarterback competition? I think they do and it doesnt involve RG3, Robert Griffin III.

Ever since the Redskins took Robert Griffin III with the second pick in the 2012 draft, hopes were very high for him as well as the team for the future. He seemed to make an immediate impact and led the Redskins to the playoffs and it seemed like they were going to be a team to reckon with year after year. But ever since RG3 got injured in that playoff game, it seems that everything has gone downhill for him. And after another poor performance in the preseason, this time against the Detroit Lions, in which he was 2/5 passing for 17 yards, was sacked three times, and had two fumbles, I think it might be safe to say that the Washington Redskins need to move on from Robert Griffin III and look at other options at quarterback.

Griffin left the game with an injury versus Detroit and it just feels that the explosive player we saw in the 2012 season is long gone. The Redskins backups, Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy, both played really well when they got their time on the field in that game versus Detroit.

Ever since Griffin’s injury in the playoff game versus Seattle in 2013, he hasn’t been the same player that he once was. He isn’t able to move on his feet as well as he could before and his arm accuracy has decreased drastically as a result. Lastly, he seems to be taking more and more hits in the pocket, which doesn’t help with how fragile he has shown to be since that injury. Along with this, the team’s performance has diminished because of it.

The Redskins need to look at what they have at quarterback with Cousins and McCoy. They both have NFL experience, and for some reason, it seems that the team plays a little bit better when one of these guys is the play caller. Personally, I think Kirk Cousins is the better choice right now because he has a better arm than McCoy, he is still very young, and he could develop into a solid quarterback for the Redskins for not only the present, but for the future too.

If you want to make a comparison of the three quarterbacks in the preseason so far, Cousins is performing the best out of all of them. He is 20/26 passing for 245 yards and a touchdown and has only been sacked once. RG3 is the worst of the bunch at 6/13 passing with no touchdowns and has been sacked three times. McCoy is in the middle between the two as he is 9/12 passing with one touchdown and hasn’t been sacked at all during the preseason.

Overall, I think if Washington decides to put somebody else at quarterback, they have a chance to not only hang in games, but win a few of them as well. The team made good moves in the offseason by picking up Junior Galette and Terrance Knighton to help their defense, so all they need now is somebody to lead them to put up points on the board. But if the team decides to stick with RG3, I’d say that they better get ready for another top five pick in the upcoming draft.

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