Fantasy Baseball Prospects Update August 5th

This is going to be a list of prospects involved in trades during the trade deadline. Just an update on their value and how each trade will impact fantasy baseball this year and next.

Fantasy Baseball Prospects Update August 5th

#1 Jose Peraza Traded to the Dodgers

I have talked about this guy all year long. Now that he is getting out of Atlanta, expect him to play next year for the Dodgers at SS or 2nd base. He could be the lead-off hitter for the Dodgers for years to come. A few people thought he could have been a piece in a deal for David Price, but Price went to the Blue Jays.

#2 Daniel Norris Traded to the Tigers

With the Tigers trying to restock and try again next year, this is a great add for them that should help them immensely over the next few years. It gives them a LHP to take over once Price leaves. Norris should slot in as their number 2-3 started for the next few years. Good trade for both teams, and it seems like Blue Jays are all in.


#3 Hector Olivera Traded to the Braves

The Dodgers have been log-jammed all year at 3rd base and outfield. Now Olivera will have a chance to get some playing time with the Braves at 3rd base this season so they can see what they got, though it might take a week or two, as he is still on the DL. This was pretty much a guy they wanted but could not afford. But since the Dodgers have paid the signing bonus, the Braves should have no problem affording the remainder of his contract. He is not really a prospect at age 31, but was one of the best players left in Cuba. Excited to see how he holds up when he finally gets the call.


#4   Jorge Alfaro traded to the Phillies

Alfaro as been a top-100 prospect for a few years now, and is really known for his glove behind the plate. The Rangers have been waiting for his bat to come around to match his glove. The Phillies should let him fight for a starting spot next year during spring training. He will end up being the Phillies’ catcher for the next 4 or 5 years. Seems like the Phillies got the huge haul for Hamels they were hoping for.


#5   Domingo Santana traded to Brewers
This deal will push back the time table for Santana to join the Major Leagues. He was up in the show this year all ready for the Astros. Next year, he will have to battle for a job during spring training and, if he gets the job, could be a nice fantasy sleeper. He is 6’5, 225 pounds, and should not have to wait ’til his prime years to show power with his size.

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