Classic F1: 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix

The Hungarian Grand Prix may not always produce the most exciting racing on the Formula One calendar, however the 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix certainly did produce a dramatic race.

It started off in a relatively normal fashion for F1 years ago, the race stared and Sebastian Vettel in his Red Bull started to pull away from the pack at almost a second a lap leaving team-mate Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso behind him. On lap 15 the safety car was brought out by Vitantonio Liuzzi when he lost his front wing and due to the late call Vettel was almost past the pit lane entry as he got the call from race engineer Guillaume ‘Rocky’ Rocquellin, he did just narrowly make it in but took a bumpy ride over the kerbs to get there. It turned out Vettel’s issues were least dramatic down the pit lane at this stage. Firstly the rear tyre came off Nico Rosberg’s car bouncing down the pit lane and landing in the Williams box and striking a mechanic who was lucky to get away with bruising. Renault was the next cause of the drama when the team released the lollipop too early without realising that Adrian Sutil was on his way into his pit box and he and Robert Kubica collided meaning considerable damage and fines came their way.

Webber was now leading the race and after passing Vettel in the pit stop and Alonso followed through and the race was about to get no better for the German as he was given a drive through penalty for a safety car error when he left more than 10 car lengths between himself and the driver in-front. Vettel spent the whole race trying to get back past Alonso but never made it past so came home to finish third.

The last piece of drama occurred through Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher when the latter was trying to get past, when going down the pit lane Schumacher attempted to push Barrichello into the concrete pit wall almost causing a big accident and lead to Schumacher being given a 10 place grid penalty for the next race in Belgium.

Last year the Hungarian GP did produce great racing so fingers crossed this year is the same.

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