Gold Cup: Group A Predictions

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Gold Cup: Group A is arguably the Group of Death. It possesses the team most suggested to be the Champion in the US, Honduras and Panama and Haiti. Honduras most recently tied the other Gold Cup favorite, Mexico, and is the team most likely to come in 2nd.


The Last Word On Sports Prediction:


Group A Winner: United States

Runner Up: Honduras


July 7

Panama- Haiti – 2-1 Panama.

Haiti is excited to be in this tournament but likely will play 3 games and then will look to further build their burgeoning squad.


USA-Honduras – 2-1 USA

Honduras is brimming with confidence after tying Mexico in their warm-up before the tournament. However, USA is on a 4 match winning streak and keeps the streak going in a gritty game.


July 10

Panama – Honduras – 2-2 Tie

In a fight for presumably 2nd place, this match will end in a frustrating tie. Both sides duke it out while MLS stars Gabriel Torres and Blas Perez score both for Panama as it may go down to goal differential for who takes 2nd.


USA- Haiti – 5-0 USA

Haitian-American Jozy Altidore plays against Haiti for the 1st time, and will likely be filled with emotions for this game. Unfortunately, after the emotions subside, the United States steam rolls this team in what is barely a contest.


July 13


Honduras-Haiti – 3-1

Needing to win and win soundly, Honduras pulls out all the stops to get at least 3 goals. They do so and win bravely against a team hungry to save face with their 2 previous losses.


USA-Panama – 3-1 USA

In a rematch of the game that cost Panama its World Cup berth, Panama comes out angry. They play inspired and keep the game close throughout. A late goal by the US forces a collapse in the Panama ranks, leading to an even later goal to add insult to injury. The past comes back to haunt the Panamanians.


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