2015 NFL Draft: Bryce Petty Scouting Report

Bryce Petty                        

Baylor, QB
Height: 6.2
Weight: 229
Age: 24

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Arm: C+

Possesses workable arm strength for the NFL and is capable of stretching the field vertically. Throws a very tight spiral, especially on deep throws. Has adequate velocity to deliver the ball to the sideline. Has an unorthodox three-quarters delivery which comes out of his hand at an odd trajectory and could be batted at the line in the NFL. Could hasten his setup.

Accuracy: D+

Shows excellent touch on deep throws and can drop the football over the defenders’ shoulder. Deep throws have a lot of air under them and gives time for more athletic safeties to range over and make a play on the ball. Frequently overthrew his deep receivers and has a tendency to throw off of his back foot. Accuracy suffers while on the move and has poor placement on throws across his body in the flat. Has a distinct lack of anticipation and routinely throws behind his receivers, rather than throwing them open.

Athleticism: D+

Is willing to run the football and not afraid to take a hit. Will roll out and can buy time within the pocket, but needs to get rid of the baller quicker in those situations. Lacks the athletic ability to pick up more than a few times on a given run. Able to hold onto the football when he does run with and when he gets hit. Would benefit from a better sense of self-preservation and with the ability to slide when defenders are closing in.

Mental: D-

Best thing that can be said is that he has above average vision from within the pocket. That said, he is a system quarterback who thrived in 4- and 5-receiver sets that mixed on read-option fakes to keep the pass rush honest. Typically only worked one side of the field, and rarely ever threw into the middle of the field. Made a lot of simple one- or two-read throws and will bird-dog his primary target at times. Holds onto the ball for too long and will get frozen when his primary reads are covered. Tries to force the ball rather than simply throw it away when nothing is available.

Intangibles: A-

Has excellent personal and football character by all accounts, and has leadership traits. Two-year starter who made a ton of throws. Is tough and well-built to sustain hits in the pocket and can play through minor injuries. Is not easily flustered and will stand in when under fire. Shows poise and doesn’t rush unnecessarily into making his throw.

Red Flags: System Player

Bottom Line: Though a prolific passer in college, Bryce Petty has a long way to go before he can be effective in the NFL, and his shortcomings may be difficult to overcome in the short time that most backup quarterbacks have to distinguish themselves. Petty has the right intangibles for the job, but I don’t see him being more than a limited backup or spot starter. His best chance for success will be in a vertical shotgun offense and would fit well with the Saints like Chase Daniel did for several years.

Comparison: Kevin Kolb

Grade: 7.0 (7th Round)

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