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In a Word – NFL Week 16 – Tony Romo, Dom Raiola, Jim Caldwell, Rex Ryan, more

In a Word is a week in sports recap column that recaps the major stories of the past week– in one word.

This recap will focus solely on the NFL again this week.

As of the writing of this update we are a Monday Night Football game away from the completion of week 16 in the NFL. That means I won’t be able to ridicule Andy Dalton if he plays like a loser in another big game!

Most of the pieces have fallen into place but a few divisions need to be settled and final seedlings are still to be determined.

There are a couple of playoff spots left and the contenders will fight for those spots. Like previous weeks in the NFL, we saw that anything could happen and that no team is a sure bet to win their games.

There is something that amazes/surprises me and that’s that there will be a couple of teams that covet Jay Cutler when the Bears try to find a team that is stupid enough to actually want him. Two teams that I think are dumb enough to make a move for him are the Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets.

If the Jets actually land Cutler it will send them into a continued tail spin at the quarterback position. The Jets just might do that and provide their fans with more of the same type of poor quarterback play that they’ve witnessed for a few years now.

Maybe they’ll stick with Geno. He has looked better in the past couple of weeks but still made bone headed plays that cost his team. Geno is an interception machine and I don’t think that will ever change.

One of the funniest things I saw this past weekend was Rex Ryan psyching out his own field goal kicker. Rex called a timeout as the kicker was attempting a field goal. The guy would have made it. After the timeout he missed the field goal.

That’s the type of bumbling play that seems to define the New York Jets.

On a final not before I get to the update, Tony Romo finally put his December woes aside as the Cowboys own the NFC East by defeating the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. I’ve criticized Romo in recent years but he has had a good year and hasn’t made the mistakes that hurts his team.

So let’s get to the update shall we?

Tennessee Titans – CUTLER!

Jay Cutler – Chances

Jacksonville Jaguars – Win

Philadelphia Eagles – Out

Philip Rivers – Comeback

San Francisco 49ers – Seriously?

New England Patriots – BYE

New York Jets – Terrible

Atlanta Falcons – Alive

Pittsburgh Steelers – Playoffs

New Orleans Saints – Aint

Dom Raiola – dirty

Jim Cladwell – Gullable?

Jim Cladwell – Liar?

Carolina Panthers – Fighting

NFC South – Pathetic

Joe Flacco – Sucks

Minnesota Vikings – Typical

Miami Dolphins – Safety

Tony Romo – Vindicated

Seattle Seahawks – Kings

Russell Wilson – Winner

Rex Ryan – Pysch

Next week should be an interesting update as Black Monday will see a number of coaches being shown the door.



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