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Fabber’s Believe It or Not, That Guy and Fantasy Week 9

Every league has at least one and everyone in the league knows who he is. He is that guy that complains about every trade made except his own and doesn’t understand why more people do not want to deal with him.

He is the “Poor Me” guy or the “it’s not fair guy”. Here is the deal, life isn’t fair. Trades will not be even and most likely you will not understand one side of it. The good part is you don’t have to. It’s not your trade, players, or team. Make your team into what you want it to be as the season progresses. That is all any of us can do.

Fabber’s Believe It or Not, That Guy and Week 9.

Do not get me wrong here; I do not like the jerks that trade a quarterback for a kicker, that’s a different kind of low life. I might not understand why someone trades Demaryius Thomas for Percy Harvin and Reggie Wayne but it’s none of my business. Just because I wouldn’t do a trade doesn’t mean the trade isn’t fair or that there is some kind of foul play involved.

This is the guy that thinks the league is about him, they miss the fun of it, the greatness of it. I am here to say do not be that guy, give someone props when they pull off a good trade. Oh! and when you beat those “SUPER” teams make sure to tell them good game.

Don’t be that guy, no one likes that guy!

I cannot believe we are half way through the season already. Time does fly when you are having fun. Take a look at how we did in week 8 before we focus on week 9.

Believes in Week 8 that made us look good.

Players Name Points Scored Points Projected
Tom Brady 44 25
Lamar Miller 10 15
Ben Tate 10 13
Jerick McKinnon 10 12
DeAndrea Hopkins 10 11
Dwayne Allen 10 11
Antonio Gates 17 10
Caleb Sturgis 9 10
Dolphins 28 16

Believes in Week 8 that made us look bad.

Players Name Points Scored Points Projected
Ryan Tannehill 15 23
Mike Wallace 5 12
Michael Floyd 0 14
Chandler Catanzaro 6 12
Texans 10 14

Nots in week 8 that made us look good.

Players Name Points Scored Points Projected
Cam Newton 5 16
Torrey Smith 0 7
Kendall Wright 5 6
Shaun Suisham 7 7
Cardinals 9 8

Nots in week 8 that made us look bad.

Players Name Points Scored Points Projected
Mark Ingram 23 8
Alfred Morris 14 6
Martellus Bennett 15 5
Steelers 14 5

FantasyWeek 9 Believes

Colin Kaepernick SF, 25 Points: He had two weeks to prepare for this game. His team is getting healthier and healthier while his opponent is going in the other direction. The Rams also give up an average of 20 points to quarterbackss and even more to the ones that like to run. Like this play.

Cam Newton CAR, 24 Points: The Saints give up just shy of 20 pts to opposing quarterbacks per game. Aaron Rodgers scored 26 against them while dealing with a hammy injury in the second half. If he was running what do expect Cam Newton to do? Newton also finds a way to bounce back after poor showings.

Andy Dalton CIN, 22 Points: It appears that they will have all their weapons playing against Jacksonville. Jags defense is great and the Bengals will be out to show how good they are when they are at full strength. Now if no Green then no go on Dalton (unless you are talking about the town in PA).

Mark Ingram NO, 16 Points: He is the only back in the picture for the Saints and the Panthers are the 5th worst fantasy run defense. You are looking at another 20 point game if he is the only back going for them.

Ahmad Bradshaw IND, 15 Points: The Cinderella story continues for this back. I keep saying sell this player and his play keeps asking why in return. He is becoming more of a rb and less of a just pass option. They are playing the Giants who give up over 23 fantasy points to opposing running backs. Seems like a great combo.

Jerick McKinnon MIN, 12 Points: Even when they try to share carries this is the player that does the most with them. Washington has been pretty solid versus the run but we saw last week they can be gashed. The Vikings will try to control the clock and keep the ball. The only way to do that is by establishing a run game early and often.

Rueben Randle NYG, 14 Points: The Giants will probably be trailing early in this one. Also the Colts secondary is banged up. Mix that together with the most solid wide receiver they have left and I am attracted to the play.

Doug Baldwin SEA, 12 Points: Since becoming the #1 receiver for the team he is averaging 14 points per game and hasn’t scored less than seven points. Oh and he is facing Oakland in Seattle.

Terrance Williams DAL, 11 Points: I do not care if Weeden is the starter this week this matchup is too good to pass by without trying it. Cardinals give up the most fantasy points to opposing receivers.

Dwayne Allen IND, 12 Points: This guy is a red zone magnet. He is going against the Giants who are in the top 10 worse tight end fantasy defense.

Travis Kelce KC, 11 Points: It’s time to fall back in love with this young player mostly because he is playing the Jets who show way too much love to the other team’s tight-end.

Phil Dawson SF, 11 Points

Mike Nugent CIN, 10 Points

49ERS 16 Points

Bengals 14 Points

Nots Fantasy Week 9

Ryan Tannehill MIA, 18 Points: Not the worse play but I do not love it. Chargers should be getting their defensive backfield back. They also just coming off back to back tough losses, seems like a bounce back game in the making. Chargers had a little extra time to know how important this game is.

Nick Foles PHI, 17 Points: His offensive line is not ready for this kind of game. They will have to establish the run if they want Foles to survive it.

Brandon Oliver SD, 8 Points: He isn’t the only man there anymore and we have seen he can’t continue the early success he had. Owners might have missed the sell time on this player.

Denard Robinson JAC, 6 Points: Another hot player going to have a cool down this week. Denard Robinson is a great story but this week will not be one of the finer chapters in the book. Fear the Bengals fantasy run defense this week, they are still in the better half of the league.

Vincent Jackson TB, 7 Points: He is not the man in the Bay anymore. Mike Evans is finally showing what we thought he would early. Oh yea he is going against Haden who looks like Haden of old, not that fraud who wore his jersey early in the season.

Brandon LaFell NE, 6 Points: He made this list for a couple reasons. One Patriots rarely target the same player in back to back weeks unless you are Gronk. Also Denver is pretty strong against big threat receivers.

Antonio Gates SD, 7 Points: Miami is giving up just over seven points per game to opposing tight ends. Chargers are not consistent with targets, which makes me nervous.

Jordan Reed WSH, 6 Points: The Vikings are the 7th best team versus this position in fantasy defense. They will limit the check down for the youngster McCoy and make him make plays.

Josh Brown NYG, 6 Points

Brandon McManus DEN, 5 Points

Texans 8 Points

Dolphins 7 Points


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