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Could Brock Lesnar Realistically Juggle WWE and UFC Commitments?

Directly following UFC Fight Night 35, UFC president Dana White decided to speak vaguely about Brock Lesnar’s possible return to the UFC. According to White, the former NCAA Division 1 national champion still harbours a strong desire to return, even after penning a lucrative new WWE contract. Any information regarding Brock’s yearnings and aspirations came clouded in mystery, but White did note that the former heavyweight champ possesses “some regrets” about his UFC career. When asked if Lesnar would like to fight in the octagon again White responded, “I’m sure he would. We’ll see how this whole thing plays out. It’s definitely a possibility.

Love or hate him, Lesnar is a fascinating character. A phenomenal wrestler, the man is an unrelenting beast. In addition, rather remarkably, he became an outstanding champion while battling diverticulitis, a life threatening disease. And White echoed many of our sentiments by asking, “What would he have done without it (diverticulitis)?” Ever since his inaugural UFC fight to his less than ceremonious exit, Lesnar battled with the illness. And if White’s assumption that Brock was merely performing “at 40%” of his overall capacity, his accomplishments in this brief spell were as startling as they were exceptional.

Cast your mind back to the manner in which Lesnar won the UFC heavyweight championship. In 2008, he managed to dethrone Randy Couture. An exceptional feat, especially when you acknowledge the fact that this was just his fourth professional fight. Following delicate surgery to address the aforementioned infirmity, Lesnar bowed out of the UFC with two successive losses to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem. If he had been fully fit, just imagine what this guy could have done. Yes, I am aware that this is merely assumption and conjecture, but just take a look at the guy; a powerhouse of this size and speed creates mass media hype no doubt.

At the end of last month Lesnar, accompanied by manager Paul Heyman, took to the WWE arena with Heyman unsurprisingly responsible for 90% of the dialogue. However, Lesnar did make one unambiguous statement; he has his sights firmly set on the WWE Championship. Rather entertainingly, the once mighty Mark Henry emerged and a tremendous clash developed. Thankfully, Lesnar got the upper hand and speared Henry through a barricade, quickly following it up with a beautifully executed F5. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of over all this Mark Henry hype. Summerslam was the last time we witnessed Lesnar at full force, an event in which he comprehensively beat CM Punk in a no-disqualification match-up. Speaking of Punk; reportedly, the athlete decided to quit the WWE after he was further informed of his role (or lack of) at WrestleMania. There was talk of rehashing the aging WWE narrative between Lesnar and Punk, but that won’t be materializing anytime soon for obvious reasons.

Returning to Brock. A supreme fighter, he is currently 36 years old. He ain’t a young man anymore in the realm of professional sports. Considering his battles with the previously discussed illness, specialists stated that another run in the WWE would be far safer than a return to the UFC. But when has Lesnar listened to anybody other than himself or Paul Heyman?


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