Kevin Love's Future in Minnesota

Another year, another disappointing season for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Things haven’t worked out the way they planned. This team should easily be in a playoff spot right now and they aren’t. Here’s the thing about Minnesota; they have the talent. Before the season started, I felt Minnesota wouldn’t contend for the NBA title, but that they were a club that should easily make the playoffs. Instead, they are 20-21 and a shot at the playoffs isn’t looking good.

Ricky Rubio hasn’t played as well as expected this season. If Minnesota wants to get on a roll and make a playoff push, Rubio simply has to play better. But let’s not forget about the face of the franchise; Kevin Love. After missing a lot of time last year, he’s picking up right where he left off. And with free agency coming up for Love, should he pack his bags and leave Minnesota?

Kevin Love is not your average NBA player. When you average 25 points and 13 rebounds per game, as he does, you are a superstar in this league. Love is top five in both scoring and rebounding. Also, he is deadly from Three Point Range. With his size and ability to stretch the floor, he is special. He is a legitimate MVP candidate. He likely won’t win it due to the poor performance of the team, but he should be in the conversation.

Sometimes you begin to feel bad for Love though. A player of this caliber deserves to be on a winning team. Yet, it is Love’s sixth year in the league and he still hasn’t made the playoffs with Minnesota. With the Timberwolves chances of making the playoffs this year shrinking by the game, this should be the last year Kevin Love plays in Minnesota. Its become clear that he just is not going to get anywhere with this team.  Love should pack his bags and head to greener pastures.

I could see K-Love playing for the New York Knicks or Los Angeles Lakers next season. Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony could become a great duo in the league, but that depends on Melo’s decision. I could also see him landing LA due to the fact that he went to college at UCLA. However, the immediate future of the Lakers hangs greatly on the health of Kobe Bryant. If Kobe is healthy for next season, he should favor singing with LA.

The main point is that Kevin Love needs to leave Minnesota if he wants success; it’s just that simple. Whether he goes to New York or Los Angeles, the future will be brighter for Love.


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