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What Happened to Randy Orton?

Randy Orton has always had the respect of wrestling fans and has been a fan favorite for a long time. Before we go further, it’s important to note that I’m not blaming Randy Orton – I’m sure he wouldn’t mind being heel for the rest of his career, but some guys get stale just staying face or heel their whole career.

Randy Orton got called up to the WWE back in 2002 after being in OVW with Brock Lesnar and a few other decent wrestlers. Then just two years later, Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Benoit at Summerslam 2004.  Just one month later, Triple H the game buried him at unforgiven one month later and won the World Heavyweight Championship title.  For me that was not good for Orton, as it held him back.  Randy was not a face that long at all, and it was back to heel and feuding with the Undertaker in 2005.

Randy has held every WWE title; the tag team with Edge (as the team of Rated RKO), the Intercontinental title, the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship. Orton has won eleven total championships in WWE, including being a nine-time world champion, having won the World Heavyweight Championship three times and the WWE Championship six times. In 2009 was his best run of his career in my opinion.  As a heel he started off the year winning the 2009 Royal Rumble match and went on to have a great program and feud with Triple H heading into Wrestlemania 25.   I still remember when he DDT’d Stephanie McMahon and kissed her on Raw… oh, and when he punted Vince McMahon on Raw – epic moments in WWE history.

He also started “The Legacy”, which was a pretty good group for the short time it lasted.  He also had a great feud and match with John Cena at Breaking Point and had an Iron Man match with John Cena at Bragging Rights 2009.

So what has happened to Randy Orton?  Do i blame WWE?  Yes.  Do I blame the company?  Yes.  Vince McMahon and WWE have hit a lot of homeruns, but vince also hits a lot of foul balls too, and not letting Randy Orton be himself is way foul.  Everybody wants to see very soon, if not this summer and fall, Randy Orton heel again.

It’s the apex predator viper that punts his opponents’ heads off and just does not give a damn. It’s the bad ass heel that I want to see again.

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