Ottawa Sun Crosses the Line


I apologize in advance, but I need to rant for a moment here.  The Ottawa Sun has posted the following as the front page for this mornings edition of their newspaper:

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You’ll notice the large, in-colour picture of Lars Eller, injured, bleeding profusely and about to be carried off the Bell Centre ice on a stretcher. Eller reportedly suffered facial fractures, a broken nose, a concussion, and broken teeth. He was clearly lying unconscious on the ice for several seconds before Habs staff rushed onto the ice.

The injury occurred on a hit by Eric Gryba. Already the debate as to whether the hit was clean or not has started, and look, I don’t care here. Whatever my feelings are on the hit, they are irrelevant to the issue at hand, and that is the Ottawa Sun celebrating an injury to Lars Eller, and one that sounds like its pretty serious. I don’t know about anyone else, but I hear the word “Concussion”, which is really just another word for Brain Injury, and I take that injury pretty seriously. I see a player hauled off the ice on a stretcher, rushed to the hospital, and held overnight for observation and I know there is some degree of seriousness.

Yes, Ottawa Sun, your team won game 1. You want to celebrate that victory in the morning paper, go right ahead. But celebrating a victory is one thing. This is a disgusting act and seems to be celebrating the injury of a player. We’re all human beings, and this is a poor display, and a sickening choice made by the editorial department at the Sun.  Hockey does not transcend human dignity.

Again, this has nothing to do with the outcome of the game. If the Sun wanted to show a celebrating Senator after a goal, and come up with some other clever headline about winning game 1, there would be no issue. However the graphic nature of the photo and the glee with which the headline reads, are just too much and cross a line that compassionate human beings just shouldn’t even approach. You don’t celebrate another person’s injury, pain, and suffering; its barbaric and it’s not what sports should be about.

Sun Media…. you’ve crossed the line, and I’m calling you out. I believe that the Ottawa Sun should retract the cover and issue an apology to Lars Eller. And that’s the Last Word.

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  1. The Ottawa Sun was pathetic for showing that photo, if we had done the same for Karlsson they would be crying foul. This goes back to when the reporter in Montreal broke in Koivu’s room and took a photo of him after he injured his eye, really classless and really pathetic.

  2. I thought this was a koke at first.If this is real then shame on anyone with more than a grade two education for posting something like that.

  3. Make sure to look up the Ottawa Sun article about Matt Cooke last week. That is, if you really want to see what happens when you hire second graders to do your “journalism”. Poor excuse for a paper

  4. I am completely in disgust with this picture regardless that the hit was clean.I am a sens fans all the way but this picture is uncalled for.I say fire!! the publicist!!who approved the front page picture.A picture of Anderson taking the puck in the neck would’ve been the picture to post on the front page.Anderson was brilliant!!! FRONT PAGE FOR HIM ALL THE WAY!! Apologies should be made and ppl should be fired thats my opinion. CONCERNED FAN S.Lalonde

    • I agree. Anderson was the star last night. 50+ shots. He’s the reason Ottawa won, not this first blood excuse for journalism. Horrible.

  5. And like jerks, you probably change the channel when a commercial for third world country children comes on. You drive your car to work laughing at the guy who bikes to be environmentally-friendly. A newspaper is based on news and opinion as is your post. I think I’ll have a banner of Eller stretched out on the ice made just to hang it over my front porch. And if you want the last word, talk about the game, not someone else’s poor choice of photography – Sens Army

    • News is not CELEBRATION of an injury.

      If it was news… then fine, tell us that a player got hurt. But don’t celebrate another person’s pain and suffering.

      If you want to celebrate a win, or report on an injury… fine… but to celebrate an injury is where the line is crossed.

    • Hey 109,

      If you want to get that banner done, by all means do it. But please, don’t sign off on your comment with “Sens Army.” I’ve lived in Ottawa my whole life and am as big a Sens fan as you’ll find. But we could not have more opposing views of this tasteless newspaper cover and completely justified reaction. Your views do not reflect those of all Sens fans.

      There are other ways to celebrate a Sens win. There are other ways to report an Eller injury. This accomplishes neither.

      • Dear Mr. John,
        Way to generalize a large group of people off of one idiot. I am a Sens fan that actually wrote the the Ottawa Sun talking about their sense-less choice of news coverage and photography. Congratulations, you showed as much class as Mr. 109.

        A slow clap for class by all parties today. We honour the Ottawa Sun, Mr. 109, and Mr. John. Thanks for helping lose faith.

  6. Well said. Let’s hope that The Suns advertisers think twice about their association with this pathetic excuse for journalism.

  7. THe Sun paper is always doing something to sell papers. At first it was to show women partially exsposed and now they have to show blood. The paper should apolagize to everyone.

  8. Are you surprised? really? The Sun puts pictures of dead bodies that were just discovered, and possibly the whole family hasn’t been notified. They showed bloodied bodies in Lebanon during the war, and a coworker identified one body as her sister. They have NO taste or respect for human dignity. Boycott the SUN. !!

  9. This is why I quit reading the “Sun” years ago…..not to mention, I never listen to “Team 1200” anymore either, haven’t for the past two years……get my “sports” info elsewhere, and happy to do it !!

    • Bad exposure = no buys.

      I’ve seen a ton of people comment here, facebook, twitter, reddit, that the headline will make them cancel their subscription, or boycott the Sun.

      Not all pubilcity is good publicity. The old adage isn’t always true.

  10. The SUN has no morals. To expect any sort of journalistic integrity or ethics from them is unrealistic. They used “Idle No More” as a headline when the hockey strike ended. Anything for a cheap laugh and/or to sell some papers. Their editors think any pun is literary genius.

  11. I have to agree. That was a stupid front page. Who came up with that idea? I am from Ottawa and I am embarrassed as I usually follow the Ottawa Sun.

  12. hey 109.. put that banner up at your house and let me know where you live . . ur a pathetic person who probably feels better when other people are in unfortunate positions

  13. This is completely unacceptable and irresponsible journalism!!To be so tasteless as to exploit a player’s suffering to attract attention is disgusting.It would be interesting to see how many players on the Ottawa Sens would give this photo and caption their stamp of approval.Boo to the Sun.This player as well as their subscribers deserve an apology.

  14. The most disgusting thing its not only the one who wrote this front page but the big one at the head of this news paper approved it. Shame on you.

  15. The Ottawa Sun obviously doesn’t have the moral integrity or intellect to publish an article that will be interesting to the readers so they use this kind of shock value to get people to read on… That being said, isn’t that typical of the news these days? It seems the only way to get media attention is to do something violent and horrific… and one tries to outdo the other. I was shocked at how much media coverage was given regarding the bombing in Boston. They sure made those two murderers into heroes (among those people that hate us in the West). When are the media going to realize their contribution to violence in the world and smarten up !!?? Let the police do their job and put these people away without giving them all the media attention!! Sorry for the rant 😉

  16. Pathetic…tasteless…and all the other words out there that can describe the position they took in writing the article with photo, however, “freedom to publish” came from blood battles won so that mindless fools could take advantage of those freedoms.

    • They have the freedom to publish whatever they want. I have the freedom to state my opinion that it is wrong, and that they should apologize to Lars Eller and his family.

  17. I think a written apology front page should be done on this stupidity. A young mans life and career could have been over because of this hit and they throw it on the cover so his family and friends can see. Real classy, i bought your paper everyday for years and because of this I am switching over and buying the Toronto Sun. You should be ashamed of yourselves thinking that was the right thing to do. A more appropriate picture would of been Karlsson’s goal. BRUTAL

    • The Toronto Sun is owned by the same people. I would suggest the Ottawa Citizen or Toronto Star or Globe and Mail, or other non Sun Media entity.

  18. If a Sens player was knocked out on the ice, I wonder if we would see the same headline. If Maclean keeps coaching like that, it will happen – and Neil won’t always be there to protect Silverberg, Ziblanejad etc…

  19. I’m not a huge fan of any hockey team, although I’ve watched a pile of games over the 61 years I’ve been breathing. This kind of injury is the one where the whole arena goes silent, and everyone is concerned (except for that one yob who always tries to make some smart-ass remark & gets shouted down) and then when they carry him off the ice, there’s a smattering of applause (the encouraging kind, not the haha, we won kind) This kind of yob-ishness is really typical of what I love to hate about Sun Media — anything for a cheap shot, kick ’em while they’re down, pandering to the lowest common denominator kind of story. If they think that the hockey fans of Ottawa will be instantly in their corner, then they are sadly wrong. TRUE hockey fans understand that the game is only fun if people’s injuries aren’t potentially life-threatening, or career-ending. That stuff’s just too steep a price to pay…. Boo urns, Ottawa Sun and Sun Media!

  20. Some may not like the following but the hit should be classified as involuntary or voluntary manslaughter, with attempt to injur. Lars Eller’s lifespan may very well have been shortened. That’s my comment. While I appreciate the photojournalism aspect of this article, I think you should consider offering some kind of compensation, retraction, act of good will, or better judgment in writing.

    Two games is not enough for this aggressive hit, especially not for Gryba, who is mentally unfit and likely depressed enough to continue playing. If like his teammates are saying, he does feel guilty. I recommend that he seeks counseling. I hope the remainder of the season(s) will remain violence-free.

  21. This is so disrespectful, imagine you are Lars Eller’s parents and you see that in the newspaper? What does this have to do with sport or anything?

    It is shameful to Ottawa, its citizens and its players – and I strongly believe that they do not condone this at all.

  22. There seem to be more and more of these types of things going on in sports, in general.

    For instance, the New York Knicks walked into the Garden the other night in black suits, because they were going to the Celtics “funeral.” Guess how that game ended? Celtics forced a game 6. Simply tasteless.

    If I were the Habs coaching staff, I would take that front page, and simply post it in the locker room. That’ll get ’em going.

  23. Whether it’s the Sun newspaper or the Sun tv….it’s a worthless organization. Although I must say that hit was completely clean. Go sens!

  24. It wasn’t meant for such a story !

    The situation had a bad ending to it, but don’t forget that things happens quickly on the ice. No itents for sure, i’m still wondering why he got suspended.(Likely because Eller was down/bloody)

    Its the playoffs, everythings gets magnified x 10


    The Ottawa Sun jumped on an occasion to start a rivalry, but it just wasn’t the right way to do it.(Just a bad decision)

  25. Hey 109’……….you are an ***hole.
    To Ben Kerr……..good on you for sharing this outrageous headline. It shows that the Sun has zero class and I hope that all of the staff responsible for this article feels ashamed and come forward with an apology. That was his graceful. The world keeps on disappointing.

  26. Bunch of whiners, every day people get killed, traffic accidents. People do the most horrible things to eachother but when a picture is published about an injured hockeyplay you are all shouting that it is wrong. Wake up in the real world and start worrying about that.

    • Yes, people get injured in car accidents. Its unfortunate. Tell me when a newspaper celebrates the injury of a person in a car accident and I will call them tasteless and classless for that too.

  27. 40 years later and they still show Pat Quinn laying out Orr, sure maybe a bit uncalled for but blood and gore sells. Is a reason there are 700 cop shows on TV.


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