Therrien Doesn't like Personality; Bans the Subban/Price – Triple Low-5 Celebration


With P.K. Subban back in the fold, one would have thought that the drama that followed him around during the lockout and his subsequent holdout would have subsided.  That does not appear to be the case.   Word out of Montreal today indicates that head coach Michel Therrien has banned the popular “Triple Low 5” celebration that Subban and Canadiens goaltender Carey Price had engaged in after Habs’ wins, and had become a favorite of the Montreal fanbase.

Therrien said of the move that he wanted his team to be more humble, and stated that the team would salute the fans by raising their sticks at centre ice after home wins.  This would be the only move acceptable for celebrating team wins.  Therrien went on to say, “In life you have to be humble. We have to respect the game, other team, the fans.

Bascially what we have here is an NHL coach defending the traditional ways of doing things.  Standing up for the old guard and rejecting the passion that is part of the new generation of the NHL.   Basically Michel Therrien is against the new way of celebrating, and calling any flashy celebrations, as the work of “disrespectful douchers” (as argued in this article by the Big Mick).

This rejection of personality is not good for the team, nor for the fans.    The Habs have one of the loudest (if not the loudest) buildings in the NHL.  The passion of the hockey fan in Montreal is unmistakeable.  Subban and Price are fan favorites, and I believe the crowd enjoys the personality these two display.  It has become a trademark of Canadiens’ wins over the past two seasons and part of the fun of the game.

The celebration occurs in the Habs end of the rink, and is not taunting or mocking the opposition.  It is a fun way for the players to celebrate a hard fought win, engage the fans, and is not individualistic as it is part of the team celebrations with their goaltender.

To me this is just another example of stodgy, old school hockey culture taking away from the new and exciting passion that engages younger generations.

Earlier this month, Therrien stated that he was going to try to make PK Subban not just a better player, but also a better person.  Those words were ominous and unexplained at the time, but it appears that this move is his first step to doing so.  Therrien should let the kid be, and not try to suck the personality, good humour, and fun that has made Subban one of the most likeable and energetic players among the Canadiens fanbase.

What’s next? No celebrations for anyone, even the fans. No personality allowed in Montreal. If anyone so much as does more than a polite golf clap for goals, we should escort them out of the Bell Centre.  Its disrespectful to celebrate scoring on or beating the other team, winning games isn’t the goal of pro sports, its about respect apparently.  Heck maybe we’ll even let the other team score, to ensure all games end in a tie.  Wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and show them up.

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  1. I agree with you Ben I think it is really stupid that he is preventing a low 5 who cares? I never took it as offensive, I doubt the other teams took it as offensive either its not like they both slid down the ice giving low fives. Hopefully this trend doesn’t completely change PK -_-

  2. This is hot-doggin. I don’t blame Therien. It is showboating and making the wins about only two guys and not the team or the fans…If it were something the whole team participates in, then fine – it’s not. So time for a new “celly”…

    This is a reminder of the celebrating these two did while the team was so awful. Therien is deciding this team is no longer awful. Time to cut ties with reminders of bad years (Scot Gomez)…

  3. Lame! Why bother? Do they want Subban to play here in two years or not? Are they already posturing for the next holdout. Subban is an “ace in the hole.” He should focus on getting Ryan White on mood stabilizers.

  4. You can do any celebration you want, say anything you want and have as much personality as you want when you’re holding The Cup!

    They don’t hang division or conference banners in the Bell Centre for a reason. The reason is tradition and history of one of the world’s most storied franchise.

    Today’s players and FANS need to get with the program. It takes discipline to be the best!

  5. I always found it odd that Price and Subban would do this kind of individual celebration and I think Price is probably glad the coach stepped in simply because Price gives me the impression he doesn’t like or need the attention which Subban seems to demand. I have been a Habs fan for a long time and this is a team sport.

  6. YES! THIS is the perspective I have taken – this is too regimented for an after-game celebration. If the coach concentrates on coaching the team to the win, there’s no need to restrict their celebration AFTER a win. The fans love this. The opposing team and the opposing fans hate us anyway, so nothing we do – even if we do nothing – will change that. Does Therrien think that suddenly the Bruins fans won’t be racist? Or that Leafs fans WON’T be sulky? Does he believe if our teammates stifle who they are, the opposing teams and their fans will salute us and say, “now THERE goes a TEAM.”…? Ridiculous move and fans are NOT happy.

    This began as a spontaneous celebration between two guys who have become friends off the ice as well as on. Why deny them this ritual? Price loved it or he wouldn’t have done it. It remained a fan favorite. How many times did we gripe on Twitter because the away-team’s feed on TV cut away before we could see the Triple-Low-5? The Habs homepage was a picture of the TL5 the day PK signed. Obviously this is something that came to symbolize the camaraderie and the spirit of two guys whose 3 seconds of fun lifted everyone even higher after a win.

    GREAT write-up – you summed it up perfectly!

  7. I agree, what a horrible thing to take away! That’s their thing and we all look forward to it after the games, there’s no disrespect in it at all. I liked Therien, but I can’t accept this

    • The gig is getting a little old anyways and I don’t think the coach should necessarly take it away but maybe the two should realize its time for a change

  8. This is entertainment, I love seeing some personality, it’s what sells the game. I prefer it over a foul mouth coach who losses his temper.

  9. I think you’re completely off base here. Therrien is trying to instill integrity and respect in his players. There’s no need for excessive celebration in a normal regular season hockey game, save that shit for when you win the cup. This used to be the unspoken rule in the NHL but now you’ve got these morons like Yakupov running around the whole rink after a goal…in the old days someone would simply have clotheslined him on his next shift and that would be the end of that nonsense


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