Early Signing Day: What It Means For Miami Hurricanes


Via Last Word on College Football, by Hebreu Maxis The NCAA announced that a number of new rule changes have been passed. One of the more debated topics, has to do with recruiting. In college football, National Signing Day has always been the backbone of a stable college program. Traditionally, signing day has always been […] READ MORE

The Laws of Football


Earlier this morning I heard that Alabama has passed the so-called Tim Tebow Bill. You’ll all be surprised to know that this bill has nothing to do with wanting to be a quarterback, but not actually being good at being a quarterback, but still being allowed to pretend you could be a quarterback. No, this […] READ MORE

Week 9 College Football Preview

Something this season has taught us thus far is that there is no singular great team in college football. Florida State is the defending national champion and still undefeated, but frankly Notre Dame got more praise for its loss to the Seminoles last Saturday than FSU got for its shaky win. There are fewer undefeated […] READ MORE

Top 10 Most Hated People in Sports


There are many hated people that are easy to despise in American sports. Most days, we just roll our eyes, shake our heads, grit our teeth and move on. This is not one of those days!  So, come with, stand up, foam at the mouth and jeer as loud as you can: This is a roll call of […] READ MORE

Why 2014 Is The Wrong Time For Alabama To Go To The No-Huddle Offense


The University of Alabama football program hired Lane Kiffin as their offensive coordinator so he would implement the hurry-up no-huddle offense in Tuscaloosa. With the talent that the Tide has returning on offense, this is the wrong time to deviate from their pro-style ways. The Tide had a disappointing season according to Alabama standards in 2013, finishing […] READ MORE

Things We Learned In College, Lane Kiffin FIRED!


Is it just me, or was yesterday about as good as it gets?   -I was not among the people thinking an Ole Miss upset of Alabama was likely. I was among the people expecting a fairly close game. All of us were wrong. I have to say, though, based on the season as a […] READ MORE