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Things We Learned In College, Lane Kiffin FIRED!

Is it just me, or was yesterday about as good as it gets?


-I was not among the people thinking an Ole Miss upset of Alabama was likely. I was among the people expecting a fairly close game. All of us were wrong. I have to say, though, based on the season as a whole I’m very impressed with how quickly Hugh Freeze has started the turnaround at Ole Miss.

-I can’t remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat for an entire game like I was for LSU-Georgia last night. Probably Michigan-Ohio State in 2006. Instant classic.

-Yet again, timeouts and clock management were an issue for LSU. I know a lot of Tigers fans say that’s the one thing they dislike about Les Miles, and I can see why. Had LSU had a timeout left late, who knows what would have happened?

-The rest of the SEC West should be sending Georgia a thank-you note this morning for providing a blueprint of how to stop LSU’s run game.

-Imagine if the 2011 LSU team that lost in the BCS game had had the 2013 Zach Mettenberger at quarterback?

-Central Florida blew me away. Yes, they lost the game, but for an AAC team to stay with a good South Carolina team for an entire game is pretty impressive. UCF-Louisville just became a can’t-miss game for me. (Oct. 18- a Friday- 8pm Eastern).

-Two names to remember: Blake Bortles and Terrance Plummer.

-Losing Connor Shaw, if in fact he does miss more time, shouldn’t hurt South Carolina too much. Dylan Thompson was a bit rusty, but with practice reps he’s a more than adequate starter. The one thing he lacks is the run threat of Shaw.

-The Tommy Rees of old showed up against Oklahoma yesterday. Notre Dame fans better hope he doesn’t stick around.

-Florida didn’t do too badly with their backup (now starting) quarterback in. Tyler Murphy threw for 156 yards, one TD and one INT. Not great numbers, but certainly adequate when you have the Gators’ run game. And, you know, when you’re playing a team you’ve now beaten 27 times in a row.

-Tennessee only beat South Alabama by a touchdown? Eeesh.

-I hear a rumble in the distance *listens*… odd, it sounds like people chanting “Fire Kiffin”.

-What do you know, according to Twitter within the last few minutes, they did.  Kiffin is Done as USC coach.

-Speaking of Kiffin, Paul Finebaum (a sports-radio host from Alabama) absolutely raked him over the coals on College Gameday yesterday morning: “Lane Kiffin is the Miley Cyrus of football. He has very little talent, but we can’t take our eyes off him… I hope next time around, USC hires an adult as their head coach.” WOW. (Not that I disagree).

-Washington doesn’t get much attention, but they’re putting together a nice string of wins. I hope they end up playing a game that starts at a reasonable hour on the East Coast so I can see them.

-Good for West Virginia upsetting Oklahoma State. They needed that if they’re going to turn things around this year.

-Arkansas put up a better fight against Texas A&M than I thought they would. Bret Bielema appears to be turning things around there.

-You came close, Wisconsin.


Well, the Giants play at 1:00, so I should go start drinking now. Until next week, everybody.


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