Tomoka Inaba Joins God’s Eye

At Stardom’s New Blood 4 event JUST TAP OUT’s Tomoka Inaba joined forces with Syuri, Ami Sorei, and MIRAI of God’s Eye. Inaba becomes the group’s fifth official member as Konami is considered an honorary member despite her absence. Tomoka Inaba of JTO Joins God’s Eye World of Stardom champion and God's Eye leader Syuri, […] READ MORE

Stardom New Blood 1 Announcements

Stardom held a second and final press conference for their upcoming New Blood 1 show on March 1. This conference included a number of talent announcements for the show as well as one high-profile return. Let’s take a look at who and what was announced. New Blood 1 Announcements Sayaka of Gatoh Move Competing In […] READ MORE

JUST TAP OUT’s Maika Joins Giulia’s Unit

At the most recent JUST TAP OUT show at Korakuen Hall Maika faced Stardom‘s Utami Hayashishita in a Future Of Stardom title match.  The match was meant to happen back in September but Hayashishita got injured during the 5STAR GP and was replaced by Sareee.  The match finally took place and Hayashishita came away with the win.  The big story was […] READ MORE