Live Crowds Return to WWE Tribute to the Troops


Although much has been irretrievably lost to the ongoing, global COVID 19 pandemic, in many ways our world is trying as best we collectively can to reclaim the traditions that have long sustained us, and enjoy the experiences that delight and bond us. Major sporting events, like pro wrestling shows, are among the facets of […] READ MORE

Report: The APA Slated for 2020 WWE Hall of Fame Class


Wrestlevotes, the Twitter account who has broken multiple Hall of Fame announcements over the years (including this year) has revealed another name reportedly expected to be announced for this year’s 2020 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame. While it was reported that JBL would be entering this year, it appears now he won’t be […] READ MORE

Report: JBL Also Slated To Join 2020 Class of WWE Hall of Fame


Just hours after reports came out that British Bulldog was finally going into the Hall of Fame – and a week removed from other reports that Jushin “Thunder” Liger and The Bellas will also be going in – a new report has surfaced that John “Bradshaw” Leyfield, or JBL, is also scheduled to be inducted […] READ MORE

Pro Wrestling Staple: The Rich Guy 

At its heart professional wrestling is all about gimmicks.  Larger than life characters playing on the emotions of the fans to get them invested in the in-ring action.  One of pro wrestling’s staples is the rich guy gimmick. Strutting around with the swagger of a lottery winner, flaunting their money and the advantages that they […] READ MORE

The Last Real Stars of WWE: John Cena and Randy Orton


The last “Real Stars” of the WWE are John Cena and Randy Orton. After Raw Reunion this past Monday and SmackDown LIVE involved the announcement of the WWE Championship, that became incredibly clear. WWE has the most talent signed to their company than they ever have. That is a fact. The in-ring aspect is at […] READ MORE

15 Years Later: JBL’s Rise to the WWE Main Event


For a very long time, John Layfield was known in wrestling as simply, Bradshaw. Then in 2004 when the APA finally ended as Ron Simmons disappeared from WWE TV, Bradshaw got his chance. He would be rebranded as John “Bradshaw” Layfield, the character that would lead him to main event glory as a part of […] READ MORE