#AndNEW: Thekla Wins Triangle Ribbon Championship


During Ice Ribbon’s show on May 3, Thekla managed to capture the Triangle Ribbon Championship after beating champion Uno Matsuya, and Ibuki Hoshi in a three-way match (as you probably expected based on the name the Triangle Ribbon championship is defended in three-way matches). できた。 #Thekla2Belts pic.twitter.com/cPsMMaDdzX — Thekla テクラ (@toxic_thekla) May 3, 2021 Thekla […] READ MORE

Thekla Returns to Ice Ribbon


During the press conference for Ice Ribbons Korakuen Hall show on 1.23, Austrian wrestler Thekla revealed herself as being X. She’ll be teaming with Mochi Miyagi and Miku Aono to take on Tsukushi Haruka, Hamuko Hoshi, and Yappy.  Thekla spent 2020 in Japan working for Ice Ribbon and went back to her native country in […] READ MORE

#AndNEW: Tsukushi Haruka Wins IW19 Championship

Earlier today on an Ice Ribbon event Hamuko Hoshi set out to defend her IW19 Championship against the newly christened Tsukushi Haruka.  Following an excellent match, Tsukushi Haruka walked away as the champion, her first singles title win since 2013 when she was ICEx60 champion.  Hoshi held the title for 223 days, she was the first person […] READ MORE