TNA Impact Review 9-15-16


Last week’s TNA Impact gave us the wild Delete or Decay event, which ended with Senor Benjamin being kidnapped, Brother Nero being “mutilated” and Vanguard I being destroyed. This week’s show looks to be somewhat noteworthy, Aron Rex’s TNA wrestling debut and the follow up to Delete or Decay. TNA Impact Review 9-15-16 Impact Grand Championship […] READ MORE

TNA Impact Review (9-8-2016)

| This weeks TNA Impact on POP promises to be a noteworthy event with the highly anticipated Delete or Decay showdown taking place.  TNA President Billy Corgan also promises to make an announcement that will change all of professional wrestling. TNA Impact Review (9-8-2016) The show opened with Senor Benjamin reading a “do not try […] READ MORE