Young Bucks Autobiography Wins DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight title

Professional wrestling is weird at the best of times.  When you throw Dramatic Dream Team (DDTPro) into the mix, things often get much weirder.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to the infamous Ironman Heavymetalweight championship.  DDT’s title, along with REW Pakistan 24/7 Championship, have been stuck in America in recent times.  A number of AEW performers and staff […] READ MORE

Preview: DDT TV Show #7


With Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) holding their first show with fans in a long time on Sunday. Things are finally seeming like they’re getting back to normal. Or as normal as DDT can be at the very least. And at the last show a new man stepped up to stare down the strong champion, along […] READ MORE

Wrestling’s Strangest Title DDT’s Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship


Last night WWE announced the debut of the 24/7 Championship.  Much like the old hardcore championship, it must be defended any place at any time as long as a referee is present to count the pinfall.  One of wrestling’s strangest companies Dramatic Dream Team has had it’s own 24/7 championship since June 29th 2000 when Poison Sawada Black became […] READ MORE