Revisiting Wrestling Video Games (Nintendo Wii)


The seventh generation of video game systems brought with it a number of innovations. Certain consoles fully embraced high-definition graphics, which became the standard moving forward. They also incorporated elements of social media, which made communication via consoles that much easier. These points were true for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, both of […] READ MORE

Revisiting Wrestling Video Games (Arcade)


From the 1970s to the 80s, arcades were at their most popular. It wouldn’t be uncommon for a child to step into an arcade, surrounded by the sights of flashing lights, the sounds of various video games, and even the smells of snacks being prepared in the food court. Arcades were dominated by games ranging […] READ MORE

Revisiting Wrestling Video Games (PSP)


When it comes to handheld gaming, the name that immediately comes to mind is Nintendo. From its series of Game and Watch devices dating back to the 1980s to the Nintendo 3DS, the company’s portable offerings were arguably just as important as the ones they provided via home consoles. This isn’t to say that competition […] READ MORE

Revisiting Wrestling Video Games (Xbox)


In this edition of “Revisiting Wrestling Video Games,” the sixth generation of consoles concludes with the original Xbox. This was Microsoft’s first foray into the gaming market, as we will discuss in detail later, and it provided experiences that competed directly with the ones offered by Sony and Nintendo. Much like the PlayStation 2 and […] READ MORE

Revisiting Wrestling Video Games (GameCube)

As detailed last time, there were several wrestling video games released on the PlayStation 2. This wasn’t to say that the PS2 was the only console that was inundated with wrestling titles in the sixth generation. Following the Nintendo 64, the company that brought life to “Super Mario” and “Pokemon,” among other series, kicked things […] READ MORE

Revisiting Wrestling Video Games (PS2)

In this continued look at wrestling video games throughout history, a massive leap forward will be taken with the sixth generation. Developers were slowly but surely wrapping their minds around 3D graphics. The blocky, rigid models of old became smoother. Low-resolution textures became more refined. During this generation, consoles brought equal parts enhancements and innovations. […] READ MORE

Revisiting Wrestling Video Games (Game Boy Family)

Up until now, this series of columns on wrestling video games focused on home consoles. From the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the Nintendo 64, the systems we’ve covered were not considered portable. This wasn’t to say that options were nonexistent for gamers on the go. In fact, for at least one company in particular, […] READ MORE

Revisiting Wrestling Video Games (N64)

During the fifth generation of gaming consoles, wrestling video games appeared on multiple platforms. Last time, we looked at some of the classics on the original PlayStation, but it wasn’t the only proverbial dog in the fight. Enter the Nintendo 64, which was a massive leap forward for arguably the most prominent name in the […] READ MORE

Revisiting Wrestling Video Games (PS1)


In this series chronicling wrestling video games throughout history, it’s time to leap into the fifth generation of consoles. The original Sony PlayStation, or PS1, was one of the first giant steps made in the realm of 3D gaming. Before this, most games took place with two-dimensional depth in mind. This, along with another console […] READ MORE