Timothy Thatcher out of N-1 - Replacement match graphic

Pro Wrestling NOAH has issued the following press release regarding former WWE Superstar Timothy Thatcher Timothy Thatcher Misses N-1 Victory 2022 #ThrowbackThursday How fitting is this. @noah_yoshiki & @noah_kinya made their pro debuts on 5 August 2018! On 5 August 2022 they fight each other for a prestigious place in the N-1 VICTORY 2022!#noah_ghc #n12022 […]

Big Lucha Phase 1
Kelvin Briggs - Jul 25, 2022

Phase 1 of the Big Lucha World Championship Tournament takes place on July 29th and it culminates in an 8-man single knockout round. The eliminatory round will wrap up this week on Wednesday night to decide the final representative of Big Lucha World alongside Flamita, Emperador Azteca, and Cometa Maya as the home talent during […]

Yuki Yoshioka vs Shuji Kondo vs Kota Minoura
Xavier Williams - Jul 23, 2022

Match Point is an ongoing series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. The Open the Dream Gate Championship is the focus here as we take a look at the upcoming three-way bout between […]

Kaito Kiyomiya of Pro Wrestling NOAH
Jamie Johnson - Jul 23, 2022

It seems as if Kaito Kiyomiya has been the rising star of Pro Wrestling NOAH for a good number of years now, but it remains true. In a promotion that houses a bulk of young, promising talent, he is the foremost member of the cast. He is already the youngest ever GHC Heavyweight Champion, with […]

Perros Del Mal De Japon vs HIGH END
Xavier Williams - Jul 20, 2022

The Open the Triangle Gate Championship is the symbol of unit supremacy within Dragon Gate. Its lineage goes back to the UWA World Trios Championship when it belonged to Toryumon. This battle for the titles, however, is not taking place in a Dragon Gate ring. Instead, it will be at Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Star Navigation […]

STARDOM MidSummer Champions 2022 in NAGOYA
Dylan Murray - Jul 20, 2022

Just six days before the beginning of the biggest tournament in STARDOM’s 11-year history, the premier joshi company will hold yet another PPV in Nagoya. STARDOM MidSummer Champions 2022 in NAGOYA will feature five singles matches, all five members of PROMINENCE, one last chance at building momentum for competitors taking part in this year’s 5STAR Grand Prix. […]

Stardom in Showcase Vol.1 -Tower & Power tag graphic
Dylan Murray - Jul 18, 2022

Since it was announced at Stardom Flashing Champions this past May, Stardom In Showcase Vol.1 has been a big question mark for many fans. As time passed, more questions than answers were presented, and now that we have a complete seven-match card, it still feels like a genuinely unpredictable event with less than a week […]

Noah Destination 2022
Xavier Williams - Jul 15, 2022

Pro Wrestling NOAH presents Destination 2022 which is being hyped as #MutoFinal as we kick off the retirement road for Keiji Muto. Here is the lineup for the big Nippon Budokan event. Noah Destination 2022 Card – Muto Final Countdown GHC Heavyweight Championship: Satoshi Kojima vs Kenoh GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship: HAYATA vs Seiki Yoshioka […]

Gatoh Move Presents Road to 10 Years

With Emi Sakura back in America and Baliyan Akki recently departing for his own excursion to the United States, Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling will move on. Mei Suruga, who’s been a representative of the little wrestling promotion since 2018, has made this her mission. Her goal is to show that Gatoh Move will thrive, even […]

G1 Climax 32 | Potential G1 Climax 32 Winners
Scott Edwards (Editor) - Jul 14, 2022

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and its roster enter the most crucial time of its year as this Saturday marks the beginning of the G1 Climax. G1 Climax 32 aims to bring back the prestige and excitement this tournament created for years prior to the worldwide pandemic, going back to the four-block system they utilized over […]

Most Anticipated G1 Climax 32 Matches
Jamie Johnson - Jul 13, 2022

The G1 Climax 32 is almost upon us, kickstarting with a weekend double-header on July 16th and 17th. The tournament might have an enlarged, and subsequently diluted, field, but it still offers to produce matches that will live long in the memory. New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s premier block tournament has set the stage for some of […]

Kelvin Briggs - Jul 12, 2022

A World Championship being introduced into the promotion based out of Bandido’s Gym has been a long time coming. Bandido and friends have been feuding with Flamita and his stable Black Generacion ever since the birth of the Big Lucha project. The basis of Big Lucha was taken from X-Men comics, Bandido sees the promotion […]

G1 Climax 32 | Potential G1 Climax 32 Winners
Jamie Johnson - Jul 8, 2022

With the 32nd installment of the G1 Climax looming, more like a dreaded rainstorm than the summer heat wave it once felt like, it’s time to predict a seemingly predictable tournament. A quick glance at the blocks gives an indication of who is most likely to win each, and advance to the semi-finals and final. […]

Kushida Return
Jamie Johnson - Jul 7, 2022

Who doesn’t love a return? Wayne Rooney to Everton, Thierry Henry to Arsenal, and Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United are just the tip of the iceberg for football. But in wrestling, it’s a less common event. In wrestling, we often see comebacks. They do say that a wrestling retirement is never final (hello, Ric Flair), […]

KAI vs Shuji Kondo Dream Gate Hopeful Gate 2022
Xavier Williams - Jul 6, 2022

Match Point is an ongoing series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. At Hopeful Gate 2022, KAI puts the Open the Dream Gate Championship on the line against Shuji Kondo. Here’s what to […]

Stardom Midsummer Champions 2022 - Syuri vs Momo Watanabe Graphic
Dylan Murray - Jul 5, 2022

On July 9, 2022, Stardom will return to a big stage for the STARDOM MidSummer Champions 2022 event inside the Tachikawa Stage Garden. Not to be confused with the STARDOM MidSummer Champions 2022 in NAGOYA event later in the month, this show will occur in Tokyo and features four title matches, all of which are singles championships. With […]

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PAC Defends All Atlantic Title Against Trent Beretta at AEW Battle of the Belts IV
John Velez - Jul 5, 2022

The first match for Battle of the Belts IV has been announced on AEW Rampage. PAC will defend the AEW All-Atlantic Championship against Trent Beretta at AEW Battle of the Belts IV. On the September 30 episode of AEW Rampage, Beretta sent a heated message to “The Bastard.” First, he noted that Pac hurt Orange […]

AEW Dynamite - Hangman Page vs RUSH graphic
John Velez - Jul 5, 2022

During the September 30, 2022 episode of AEW Rampage, it was announced that Hangman Page will face RUSH. The two had a confrontation after RUSH defeated John Silver. Hangman Page faces La Faccion Ingobernables Rush on the October 5, 2022 episode of Dynamite. This Wednesday, October 5Wednesday Night #AEWDynamite 3 Year Anniversary ShowLIVE on @TBSNetwork […]

Giulia wins 5STAR GP 2022

The 5STAR Grand Prix 2022 has come to an end after two months of action. The grueling round-robin tournament pits some of Stardom’s best against one another to win not only the crown, but a shot at the world championship. This year’s winner was none other than Donna Del Mondo’s Giulia who defeated long-time rival […]

RUSH Signs With AEW
John Velez - Jul 5, 2022

El Toro Blanco, aka RUSH, has officially signed with All Elite Wrestling. AEW President Tony Khan announced the news in a tweet on September 30 that former ROH World Champion RUSH has inked a deal with the company. RUSH will compete on the September 30 episode of AEW Rampage, facing John Silver in a singles […]

Sami Zayn & Solo Sikoa vs Ricochet & Madcap Moss
Niklas George - Jul 5, 2022

WWE‘s blue-branded grappling extraordinaire, Friday Night SmackDown, is here again. However, the show is largely expected to be placed into turmoil by Hurricane Ian, which continues to wreak havoc on the United States’ east coast – particularly the State of Florida, where the majority of the WWE roster reside. Because of this, it is expected […]

Bandido ROH World Champion
AB Morales - Jul 5, 2022

This week presented an interesting conundrum that created a split in opinions for wrestling fans. Following this past Friday night, SmackDown recorded one of the biggest ratings in the program’s recent history. When examining the quarter hours, one can see it wasn’t exactly the “Head Of The Table” that moved those numbers. It was, in […]

AEW Rampage Card graphic
AB Morales - Jul 5, 2022

It’s an interesting AEW Rampage card this week as starting next week, the show will be live for several weeks straight and it follows the two-hour Grand Slam special. We continue at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA. Their third time running the venue, their last time here saw them celebrate the 2 year Dynamite […]

Warrior Wrestling 25
Dominic P (Editor) - Jul 5, 2022

Warrior Wrestling returns home to Marian Catholic High School on October 2nd for Warrior Wrestling 25. The show will be main evented by Warrior Wrestling Champion KC Navarr0 as he defends the championship against former champion Trey Miguel. We will also see Eddie Kingston make his Warrior debut as he takes on Calvin Tankman. The […]