Nia Jax’s WWE Return Isn’t A Mistake

A photo of Nia Jax from an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Nia Jax is back in WWE. On Monday she made her presence known returning on Monday Night Raw and running through Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley. It was the most impactful way to make her return and immediately thrust her into the Women’s Championship picture.

After Raw, the hatred started raining down like fire. Nia Jax has never been the most popular woman in wrestling and WWE bringing her back has not made many happy. A lot of fans/writers have gone to the internet to share their displeasure, and this seems to be the only thing that we see from her return, but what about the other side of the argument?

Nia Jax returning to the company could be a huge plus for WWE. Sure, there are negatives to Nia’s character, as there are with just about any in WWE, but there are some positives. There are parts to her persona that, if booked well, could launch her into a place on the roster where she would be an asset. Let’s look at some of those positives.

Embrace The Hate

For starters, yes Nia is not the most popular woman in the world of wrestling. Her history of injuring opponents has followed her wherever she went and she hasn’t made many friends, and this is what WWE should take advantage of.

Some of the best storylines in wrestling stem from reality. The ability to blur the lines between truth and fiction makes for compelling television and WWE can use this to their advantage. Don’t hide from Jax’s nefarious past, embrace it, and create a whole character around it. It would immediately give the audience a fantastic monster heel. She can revel in her past of injuring others, and she can strive to do it again. The nuclear heat that she would receive would be tremendous and could resuscitate her WWE career.

Recognizable Name

Like it or not Nia Jax is a recognizable name in the world of wrestling. Good or bad, she is someone that we know and has been around for a while. Bringing her back adds name recognition to the women’s division. It also adds depth to a women’s roster who could use it. There are not many names on the Raw roster, let alone ones who can always challenge for a championship. Nia is a credible enough name that can be shoehorned into the title picture whenever the company wants, that’s a valuable asset.

Bringing Attention to the Women’s Division


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The Raw Women’s division hasn’t been treated that well this year. Rhea Ripley winning the championship was great, but what have they done with it? It has been a bungle on WWE’s part and hurt a division that could have been great. Bringing Jax into the company, specifically Raw, shines a light on the women’s division. Since her return, there has been more of a spotlight on the women of Raw. The saying that there is no bad publicity plays here and is a silver lining of her return.

A More Mature Jax

The bad blood surrounding Jax is stemming from her history of injuring multiple wrestlers. It’s not something that anyone wants to be remembered for, but it’s also something that could change with time. It has been two years since she was in WWE, and a lot has changed in that time. Jax has gotten older and more mature, and her inexperience is no longer there.

She may have been humbled by her time away from the company. Realized what she had done and understood the importance of her past mistakes. We could see a positively changed Nia Jax, one that would benefit the women’s division.

Her Role Within the Company

One of the biggest positives to Nia’s return is what she means to the women’s division for the long term. It is unlikely that she will upend Rhea Ripley, but she will provide a credible opponent for Ripley to conquer, and that’s where her value lies.

Jax is a great hurdle opponent for anyone. Her monster heel persona is a great mountain for anyone to climb. For someone who has won their first title, she would be an ideal first challenge. She is a credible threat but one that could be bested without hurting their persona much. Jax could be perfect as the one who helps to build up a legion of new stars.

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