After Raw Move, Jey Uso Should Win the World Heavyweight Championship

Roman Reigns & Jey Uso: Jey Uso Should Win World Heavyweight Championship

Jey Uso picked up some significant buzz after being announced as the newest member of the Raw roster as part of an upcoming trade. The reaction has been so strong that it makes sense that Jey Uso should win the World Heavyweight Championship. The exchange has been newsworthy in itself. With that momentum and peak interest in Jey, now is the perfect time to try “Main Event” Jey Uso out as an actual world title act. The Usos have been the best for a while, but change is good. It gives fans something exciting and rewards them with a big win to celebrate with a guy that stadiums across the country have propelled them into stardom seemingly by accident. Raw gives Jey some backup and a conceivable contingency plan for WWE if Jey proves to be less interesting when he isn’t feuding with his cousin and his Bloodline. 

After Raw Move, Jey Uso Should Win the World Heavyweight Championship

The Enemy of My Enemy

Jey and Roman Reigns, or the Bloodline broadly, have carried the main event scene on Smackdown. Their story was so far ahead of everything else that WWE had to call John Cena out to try and fill the void, as even the super hot LA Knight doesn’t have a story to sell on Fridays. While Jey was always at the top of the roster, it was with Roman Reigns. Giving Jey the room to run the show alone is risky for a former tag team specialist whose signature matches and moments are almost all with the same teammate and family member. Luckily, WWE has some backup for the faction-based standout in the form of a former enemy. 

Raw has a top face in Seth Rollins right now. While that is usually a negative, it helps WWE in this case. Jey and Seth have some history as rivals of Reigns so they can work together conceivably. This potential alliance allows Jey to work with new talent and expand his highlight reel away from his family. Rollins also means that WWE still has a draw to use if Jey doesn’t quite cut it. This scenario assumes that Cody Rhodes is heading to Smackdown soon. If not, then his connection with Jey and massive popularity is another safety net WWE can rely on. At the same time, they test if Jey Uso should win the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Cash in for Emergency 

Whenever WWE finds itself in a tight spot, they have one surefire way to fix it: Money in the Bank. This year, that briefcase is with Damian Priest and The Judgment Day faction, arguably the most popular group in the company. Although Priest is not a tested champion either, everyone loves a cash-in. Likewise, WWE has already set up a future fight between the faction’s members down the road. Having a contingency plan on Raw means that WWE can try new things. In this case, he gave a world title to Jey Uso to test his newfound popularity. 

It will be a massive moment when Damian Priest and the Judgment Day cash in. The moment will be even more visually impressive if they still hold all the championship gold as they do in the aftermath of WWE’s 2023 Payback event. If the Jey Uso experiment is a failure, a possibility to be sure, WWE has a top act to shoot to the top. Some of the company’s most prominent moments this past year have involved taking a chance on talent significantly less tested than Uso. Chad Gable put on a star-making performance against Gunther. Sami Zayn, LA Knight, and Dominik Mysterio rose above their position to become prominent figures at the top of the card. Taking a chance on new stars has paid off big in the past, and with a guaranteed story to bail them out, It could be Jey’s turn at the top.

Jey Uso Should Win the World Heavyweight Championship Soon

With all of the possible upsides for Jey, Raw, and WWE, this opportunity won’t last forever. Jey Uso should win the World Heavyweight championship soon to capitalize on the fan’s interest. Many of WWE’s top successes in recent years have been only a fraction of what the WWE Universe expected due to delayed response by the creative team. Jumping on the trends can feel cheap, and sometimes it is. However, with so much upside and a solid long-term plan to run both shows, new blood holding the top title is worth the risk, and a stellar one could see “main event” Jey Uso reap the reward.

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