What We Learned from AEW All Access Episode 2

AEW All Access Episode 1 promotional graphic

Following the newsworthy episode of AEW Dynamite we got to see the follow-up episode of AEW All Access. Here is a look at everything we learned from AEW All Access episode 2 with a recap of what went down across each main story arc.

AEW All Access Episode 2 Recap

Saraya vs Britt Baker

  • We follow Saraya and Britt Baker in the lead-up to Saraya’s return match
  • Baker discusses her worries over hurting a returning Saraya
  • Baker discusses the match with Wardlow, who she describes as one of her first friends in the business and one of her best friends
  • The importance of promo time is driven home as both Baker and Saraya stress the need to properly sell their upcoming match on the microphone

Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo Focus

  • Melo and Guevara, carrying over from their focus in episode 1, discuss Guevara’s upcoming match with Danielson
  • Melo is frustrated over the lack of a PPV match/feud for her as she had been getting time on PPVs previously
  • Sammy Guevara, in an attempt to clear his reputation with the higher-ups, attempts to squash beef with Eddie Kingston
  • A comment from Guevara during a promo annoyed Eddie Kingston which led to an incident that caused Eddie Kingston to get suspended
  • The two agree to be professional about the situation and that there’s no need to hold bad blood
  • Tay Melo talks about the difficulties she has pitching ideas to Tony Khan, she states that the top women in the division are always talking to him and sharing ideas
  • Guevara backs up his partner and brings her to meet the Young Bucks to help her bring up ideas to Khan
  • The pitched match was Melo vs Mercedes Martinez
  • We see Bryan Danielson approach Guevara and praise him following their match and give him advice about navigating the backstage drama

Thunder Rosa

  • Rosa discusses her injury and how much back pain she was in after her last match at Battle of The Belts, this follows episode 1 where Baker and co. discussed their thoughts on Rosa’s injury and the interim title situation
  • Rosa has an appointment with the doctor to get an update on being cleared, she aimed to get cleared at Full Gear

Young Bucks

  • The Bucks discuss their road to coming back after All Out and the race to get back in-ring shape

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