WrestleMania Moment: Pat McAfee Returns and George Kittle Gets Physical on WrestleMania Saturday

Pat McAfee SmackDown

When WrestleMania 39 received the tag line, “WrestleMania Goes Hollywood” it was clear all of the stars would be out. Sure enough, a previously unannounced match saw the return of Pat McAfee and a chance for San Francisco 49ers tight end and noted wrestling fan George Kittle, to get physical.

It all went down prior to the main event as the Miz and Snoop Dogg took to the ring to announce the night’s attendance, which was just over 80,000. After doing so, the Miz pointed out that he was all over social media with an open challenge for a match that no one accepted. In the midst of saying his catchphrase, Miz was interrupted by the returning Pat McAfee. Michael Cole was absolutely gleeful and Corey Graves was absolutely apoplectic. It made for great television.

McAfee told Miz he didn’t see any open challenge but he was here now, in his WrestleMania tank top ready to fight. The Miz postured about how he was a host but couldn’t make matches. However that didn’t stop Snoop, who earlier in the night had learned the Miz stole his golden title. With championship back over his shoulder, Snoop had the official ring the bell and the action was on. The match lasted just a few minutes but it featured some furious action s d impressive moves from the still undefeated at WrestleMania, Pat McAfee.

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At one point, Miz turned to the crowd in retreat where it had been established George Kittle was sitting. Miz pushed Kittle which immediately prompted the football player to take off his jacket, revealing a tight end university tank top. Kittle jumped the barricade and took out Miz before helping McAfee get him back in the ring. This allowed McAfee the chance to pick up the win and celebrate with Kittle afterwards.

The return of McAfee was a pleasant surprise as his recent commitments have kept him from being on commentary in recent months. As for Kittle, while any wrestling will have to wait until he retires from the NFL, there is no doubt a role for him in WWE is waiting should he want it.

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