Preview: DDT Goes Hollywood (03/30/2023)- Full Card and Start Time

Konosuke Takeshita vs Yuki Ueno DDT Hollywood

On Thursday, March 30, 2023, DDT Pro makes its way to Los Angeles, California.  DDT Goes Hollywood is set to air live from the Ukrainian Culture Center and fans are looking forward to this one. This event can be seen live on Fite TV. DDT Goes Hollywood starts at 8 pm PDT. Tickets still remain for this explosive show.

Card for DDT Goes Hollywood

  • MAO & Shunma Katsumata vs.  Chris Brookes & Yoshihiko
  • Tetsuya Endo vs.  Joey Janela
  • Konosuke Takeshita vs.  Yuki Ueno
  • Eddie Kingston & Jun Akiyama vs. Daisuke Sasaki & Konan
  • Danshoku “dandy” Dieno & Yuki “sexy” Lino vs.  Sanshiro Takagi & Michael Nakazawa
  • Vert Vixen vs. Saki Akai
  • Nick Wayne & Andrew Everett vs. Higuchi & Madada

37Kamina members Mao & Katsumata face Chris Brookes & Yoshihiko

37Kamina members MAO and Katsumata take on the former DDT Extreme champion Chris Brookes and Yoshihiko at DDT Goes Hollywood. Brookes has been on a roll of late winning seven of his last ten matches. Yoshihiko is, well Yoshihiko. Mao and Katsumata will have their hands full with this team. The current KO-D tag team champions (3x) and KO-D six-man tag team champions are used to success but will not take their opposition lightly. Mao won his last match on March 12, 2023, teaming with Makoto Oishi and Yuji Hino to defeat the team of Harimao (Kazusada Higuchi and Yuki Ishida) and Yukio Naya. This match should be a good one, maybe the best of the night. Full of speed, and technicality.

Tetsuya Endo faces Joey Janela at DDT Goes Hollywood

The current holder of both the Vanguardia Extraordinaro championship and the GCW Extreme championship, Janela has welcomed all competitions of all kinds through all promotions. He will get that in Los Angeles, California at DDT Goes Hollywood as he takes on Endo, master of the shooting star press and the torture rack bomb. This will be Janela’s first match in DDT wrestling this year as he looks to dominate Endo, who currently holds the KO-D six-man tag team titles with Kotaro Suzuki and Yusuke Okada as well as the DDT Universal Championship. This will be the second time these two shared the squared circle. Their first encounter was at the DDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2022 in Yokohama, Japan as a block A match. The match was won by Janela in a time of 13:47 and it was a solid match all-around.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Yuki Ueno

This is also not the first time these two have squared off. They wrestled in the finals of the 2021 DDT D-Ou Grand Prix. Takseshita won the classic encounter, going toe-to-toe with Ueno for almost 30 minutes. Similar styles toe-to-toe, looking for advantages to go one-up on their opponent. Takeshita comes in as the winner of his last three matches while wrestling for AEW. Takeshita has won seven of his last ten matches so he comes into this encounter full of confidence. Ueno comes into this match with Takeshita with success as well after winning his match against Samuray del Sol.

Eddie Kingston & Jun Akiyama take on Daisuke Sasaki and KANON

In a match that some are considering a dream match, it will be interesting to see how well Akiyama and Kingston function as a tag team. It was not long ago the two battled at the AEW Full Gear Buy-In. The two had a solid match so they know what the other is capable of. Will they use their knowledge of each other to be a cohesive unit? On the other hand, Sasaki and KANON are familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, winning the KO-D six-man tag team titles five times with MJ Paul. They are used to success so it will be interesting to see who can take advantage of who during this match as Kingston and Akiyama have not been together that long.

Danshoku “Dandy” Dieno & Yuki “Sexy” Lino go up against Sanshiro Takagi & Michael Nakazawa

Dieno, winner of the DDT Extreme championship eight times, and Lino combine to use an unpredictable and unusual wrestling style that keeps their opponents off guard. Takagi, also known as the Japanese “Stone Cold,”  is a fun and entertaining wrestler of over 25 years. He will team with Nakazawa, who supplies that entertainment himself. Not a lot of pure wrestling should be expected in this one as off-the-wall antics should fill this match.

VertVixen goes against Saki Akai

VertVixen, from Austin, Texas,  has a background in taekwondo and is fresh on the scene with a limited four years of in-ring experience. She is currently the holder of the DEFY women’s championship and the Sabotage tag team titles with Prince Adam. Vixen takes on Akai, who still seems a little green in the ring as she has nine years of in-ring experience.  At DDT Goes Hollywood, this match should be interesting as these two try to find their way in DDT Pro.

Nick Wayne & Andrew Everett at DDT Goes Hollywood battle the team of Higuchi & Masada

This was the last match added to the DDT Goes Hollywood show and it should be one of the better matches on the card. This will be the first time that Wayne and Everett have teamed together so this will be a good time to see if they come together and see if they have chemistry. Wayne, AEW’s newest signee, is looking to prove himself at DDT Goes Hollywood. All four wrestlers have different skills to put on display in this match. Higuchi will look to use his powerhouse style to slow down the likes of Wayne and Everett, while Masada will look to match Wayne in the high flyer skill set.

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