How Taya Valkyrie Instantly Changes The AEW Women’s Division

Taya Valkyrie

When Taya Valkyrie made her AEW debut on Wednesday, she immediately put the AEW women’s division on notice. She is someone who has plenty of experience, wrestling in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Japan, among other places. The veteran has had several types of matches within several promotions and has even competed against men. Taya Valkyrie is scared of no one and accepts all challengers.

Valkyrie, at 39 years old, is still capable of having five-star matches, capable of carrying the AEW women’s division and capable of outworking her opponent. She has many years left in the wrestling business and is still marketable. Valkyrie has many opportunities and possibilities in AEW and the ideas for storylines for her are endless. She has competed in singles and tag team action, she has been in stables and by herself. There is no limit to what she can do and the women’s division is one thing she can take by the throat and make hers.

Taya Valkyrie has held many titles in her career. The more recent titles are from her time in IMPACT Wrestling and include the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts championship and twice held the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts tag team championships (with Rosemary and Jessicka, respectively). Valkyrie is a student of pro wrestling and she knows and has been through it all so she knows what she is doing. Valkyrie can also teach, and mentor, the younger talent in the AEW women’s division.

This is a huge signing for AEW because it strengthens a women’s division that is already strong. There are many directions that Tony Khan can go with this strong division and her character, so whatever he chooses to do will likely be a favorite of the fan base. Many people like Khan do not have a wide selection of talented female wrestlers in their promotion. Taya Valkyrie can sell tickets and merchandise because she is a big ticket item and has name recognition. She is a big name in women’s wrestling and all she needs is an opportunity to make an impression, which she did on Wednesday night in her AEW debut. She was previously with WWE NXT, however, she was booked poorly and then released, never showing her full capabilities.

In her pro wrestling career, Taya Valkyrie has wrestled 559 matches with 236 wins. In 2023, she wrestled in 16 matches with 11 wins, proving she still has what it takes to be successful. When and how much Tony Khan will use her is still unknown but when she is in the ring she puts on a show. fans may look at her as being old and not being able to give her all but she can deliver in all situations against the best in the women’s division. Valkyrie could be wearing gold around her waist again sooner than later as she looks to be dominant in the competitive AEW women’s roster.

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