Gringo Loco Interview: His History, Dream Opponents, and More

Gringo Loco

Gringo Loco is the current DREAMWAVE Alternative champion and 23-year veteran in the pro wrestling industry.  He has made appearances for Game Changer Wrestling, AAA Lucha Libre, GALLI Lucha, GLEAT, Deadlock Pro Wrestling, Warrior Wrestling, Black Label Pro, The Wrestling Revolver along with many other promotions over the course of his long-tenured career.

Last Word on Pro Wrestling had a chance to talk with Gringo Loco about his history in the wrestling industry.

LWOPW: Who was your favorite wrestler growing up and who’s your dream opponent, past or present?

“Tajiri was my favorite wrestler growing up and is my “past” dream opponent. Volador Jr was my modern dream opponent but the match took place in 2019.”

LWOPW: What would you say is your greatest contribution so far in pro wrestling?

“Getting the chance to bring more and more Lucha Libre talent here to the USA and showcasing them.”

LWOPW: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into the business?

“If you really have the drive and passion to be a professional wrestler, the best advice I could give is that when the going gets tough, don’t quit. You never get the time back that you lose when decide to quit wrestling for a while.”

LWOPW: If you could change one thing about the current landscape of wrestling, what would it be?

“I wouldn’t change anything.”

LWOPW: Did you have any doubts about wanting to become a professional wrestler and how did you overcome those doubts?

“I had doubts of course. Wasn’t the easiest start for me, felt like I didn’t belong and wasn’t accepted into the US independent scene in the beginning because I was a Lucha guy and had a different style than everyone else. I overcame those doubts by becoming one of the best bases in the business and helping some of the best flyers look really good.”

Thank you to Gringo Loco for taking the time to talk with us. You can follow Gringo Loco on Twitter and Instagram.

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