What To Expect From ‘Every Generation’ Of Bloodline On Raw Promise

Bloodline acknowledgement ceremony graphic

‘Every generation’ of the Bloodline has been promised for next week’s Monday Night Raw. The ambiguous promise creates a lot of excitement.

But what can we actually expect from the ‘every generation’ of the Bloodline promise? A bald Hollywood moviestar with a raised eyebrow? A big fat man in a thong with bleach-blond hair? We take a look. 

Every Generation Of The Bloodline 

Roman Reigns, Jimmy and Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn will be on Raw. If WWE was happy to overpromise and underdeliver they could get away with this being all we get – just. 

Heyman is a generation above Reigns and the Usos. With Sikoa being 8 years younger than them that could technically count as at least two generations. But WWE is surely conditioning us to prepare for biological members of the Anoa’i family

There’s also an acknowledgment ceremony slated for Raw, so we can expect someone else. The Wild Samoans, Rikishi, and The Rock all represent generations that aren’t in the current crop of Bloodline members. But how likely are any of them to show?

Afa & Sika The Wild Samoans

Likelihood For Raw: 7/10

Reigns was anointed Head of the Table by his uncle Afa and his father Sika at Hell In A Cell 2020. This came after he had defeated Jey Uso. 

If every generation of the Bloodline will truly be on Monday Night RAW that would have to include Afa and Sika. They have already acknowledged Reigns as Tribal Chief so it is likely they’ll just be there to reaffirm this. For any potential conflict we will have to look towards some other family members. 


Likelihood For Raw: 8/10 

The Bloodline storyline is great but it’s missing a few things. The first is a big fat man in a thong with bleach-blonde hair. AKA Stinkface master. Daddy Uso. Rikishi. 

Rikishi’s sons – Jimmy and Jey Uso – were manipulated by Reigns to get them to ‘fall in line’ when he formed the Bloodline in 2020. 

We will likely see Rikishi on Raw. But his behavior is harder to predict. Rikishi could show up and acknowledge his younger cousin Reigns as the head of the Bloodline straight away. Where’s the fun in that? 

Rikishi might have harbored some ill feelings towards Reigns for his treatment of his baby boys. He could show an unwillingness to bow down to Reigns. Ohh tension. Fun.  

Any tension between Rikishi and the Bloodline would be the perfect catalyst for someone who won’t acknowledge Reigns to show up.

The Rock 

Likelihood For Raw: 3/10 

The Roman Reigns Tribal Chief storyline has been the greatest writing WWE has produced in years. 

It’s been an ever-evolving narrative that’s seen the Bloodline grow into a legendary stable and Reigns dominate for more than two years. 

The storyline won’t be perfect unless we get a feud with The Rock. WrestleMania 39 would be a good place to house a Reigns vs. Rock match. You know with WWE needing to sell 200,000 tickets across the two-night event. 

If this rumoured match is happening WWE will need to start building to it quickly. With the Royal Rumble around the corner, it is more likely we see The Rock there than on free TV. Especially as there are already a ton of legends announced for Raw. 

So expect Monday’s Raw to be the latest step towards The Rock showing up than the actual time and place. 

Rock and Rikishi Force Vince McMahon To Kiss Their Ass

Likelihood For Raw: 0/10 

For as much hope that The Rock will soon appear as part of the Bloodline storyline, there’s equal fear that Vince McMahon will appear on TV.

For reasons we don’t need to go into nobody wants Vince anywhere near WWE TV. The only potentially forgivable Vince appearance would be a recreation of the iconic moment below. 

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