Who Is AEW’s Action Bronson?

AEW Action Bronson

Just another celebrity cameo, or the start of a wrestling career – we work out who is AEW’s Action Bronson?

Rapper Action Bronson came to Hook’s aid during a beatdown at the hands of “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard and “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker during AEW Zero Hour ahead of the All Out PPV.

The former chef Bronson chucked Menard to the canvas as if he was tossing a steak on a skillet. Bronson was at ringside supporting Hook because he enters the ring to the rapper’s Charmain Intent song. What seemed like a one-off appearance by Bronson quickly led to an in-ring debut.

Action Bronson in AEW

Bronson and Hook defeated Menard and Parker at AEW Rampage Grand Slam. Bronson showed impressive agility as he focussed on multiple shoulder tackles. He helped get the win by locking on a Tazzmission on Menard whilst Hook held the move on Parker. Bronson said he is interested in more wrestling appearances. So we took a look at who is AEW’s Action Bronson. 

Bronson’s Wrestling Fandom

In 2018, Action Bronson shared an image of himself in the front row of an ECW show at Elk Lodge. In his rap music, Bronson has referenced wrestlers from Stone Cold Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Randy Savage, Booker T, Iron Sheik, and Marty Jannetty to Big Bossman, Bam Bam Bigalow, Vader, and The Mountie.   

His 2012 mixtape Blue Chip featured various wrestling references as well as the tracks Ron Simmons and Intercontinental Champion. In 2015 he released his first album with a major label (Vice Records/ Atlantic Records) titled Mr. Wonderful. 

Bronson took up wrestling training at Create A Pro in New Jersey after he underwent weight loss training. Bronson began losing weight in 2020 after suffering from health issues and reaching a weight of more than 400 pounds. He has since cut more than 125 pounds. 

Bronson Outside Of Wrestling 

Bronson worked as a cook at his family’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant. He left the kitchen following the success of his music career.

Bronson’s fame led to him being able to share his love of food with the Vice show F*ck, That’s Delicious. The show has run for four seasons and features Bronson and his friends traveling the world and eating food.

What does his future in AEW hold? Time will tell, until then you can hear his music anytime Hook walks to the ring. 

Header photo credit – AEW / Bleacher Report 

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