CZW Spotlight: Marcus Marquee

Marcus Marquee

Sometimes in life, you need more than just one guy to have your back. A two man tag team may not cut it. There have been some incredible stables over the years that have come across our TV screens. Who can forget The Four Horsemen, D-Generation X, the Nation of Domination, the NWO, New Day, Evolution and so many others? But how much do you know about dominant factions on the US independent circuit? In this edition of CZW Spotlight, we get a chance to meet 1/3rd of one of the best on the scene right now. Allow me to introduce you to Marcus Marquee of Prolific.

CZW Spotlight: Marcus Marquee

KD: Thanks for taking the time to chat today. Let’s start with an easy one. When did you start getting into wrestling and what got you into it in the first place?
Marcus Marquee: Well, like anyone else, it was influenced by an older family member. For me it was my cousin and brothers. I was obsessed with Bret Hart.

KD: Have you always been a team guy or was there ever a time in your career when you were a singles wrestler? If so, which did you enjoy more?
Marcus Marquee: When I debuted as a wrestler I was apart of a tag team. We were called The Perfect Strangers, but I didn’t like that name, so I shortened it to “TPS” and it stuck. I was a singles competitor for a few months and then, alongside Isaiah Wolf, we formed Prolific. And I enjoy both singles and tag team equally, to be honest.

KD: How did the formation of Prolific go down? There has to be a good story behind that.
Marcus Marquee: Wolf and I had tagged up before and we always said if we are ever given an opportunity to form a group or tag again together, then we would… that opportunity came in the wake of being frustrated with the way we were being used and showcased. We had a conversation with the owner of the company we were at and they agreed to give our idea a shot (but we knew it would work ’cause we know each other). Tyree came into the fold not to far after but we knew he would be part of it ’cause we had conversations with him on separate occasions, when we used to do studio tapings. There’s a fourth member but you have to wait for that.

KD: You guys have been making the rounds on the independent scene, and not just in CZW. Where else have you guys wrestled and where can people catch you guys in the future?
Marcus Marquee: BattleClub Pro, Pro Wrestling Magic, C3W, We Are Wrestling, SuperKrazie, ALW(American Lucha Wrestling), BCW(Bri Combination Wrestling), Shadow Wrestling Alliance and WOW (Warriors of Wrestling). We are looking to be everywhere ’cause Prolific is for everybody.

KD: Do you have a favorite town to wrestle in? Is there a crowd that gives back the most that you just love wrestling in front of?
Marcus Marquee: So far, Maryland and Brooklyn are a tie. I really like MD [Maryland]. C3W is out there as well and every time we were there, they gave us so much to work with… and when CZW comes to MD, it’s the same thing. It really is a pleasure to work in MD.

KD: Who have been some of your favorite opponents up to this point in your career and who would you like to face that you haven’t had the opportunity to yet?
Marcus Marquee: I would really like to face Kenny King one day. As far as my favorite to go up against, it would have to be a tie between The Rep (Nate Wallace, Dave McCall and Kris Bishop) and JTP South (Yahya The Gifted One, Reyhan Inteus and Zuka King).

KD: One of the major feuds in CZW since returning from the pandemic was Prolific vs The Rep. Can you dig a little deeper into that?
Marcus Marquee: Sure, they have been a main focus of tag team wrestling in the Tri-State area for a while and we felt like it was time for them to move over and share some of that. They just so happened to get a third in the process of us coming up as a trio, so we said “hey, why not make it trio vs trio?”

KD: What is the biggest stage you have performed on?
Marcus Marquee: I would say the biggest match to date would have to be us going against STP (Shane Taylor Promotions) for the ROH six man tag team titles.

KD: You are good friends with our first CZW Spotlight, Ruthless Lala. How did you guys meet and what can you tell us about your relationship with her?
Marcus Marquee: I always had been a fan of LaLa’s work in the ring. Anyone who can take a DBZ [Dragon Ball Z] character and apply it to their character and make it work is a dope person. We finally got to meet each other at CZW and it was like we knew each other already. That’s the Auntie right there/older sister. We hold each other accountable for our actions and always keep it real with one another.

KD: You have found yourself caught in the middle of the issues between Lala and your other friend and fellow Prolific member, Isaiah Wolf, in recent months. How has that been going and do you have any insight into what’s going on between them?
Marcus Marquee: I tried to play peace maker so many times but they are both one in the same. They both won’t stop until they get what they want. I’m not taking sides, I’m just there to make sure they won’t kill each other in the process.

KD: What kind of things do you like to do when you aren’t wrestling? What are you into?
Marcus Marquee: When I’m not wrestling I’m either in the gym or I’m running around being super dad, super friend, or super grandson. You get the picture. I also love listening to music. I’m really big into vocalists and anything with layers to it.

KD: Is there anything else you want to make sure the fans know?
Marcus Marquee: Like myself, every member of Prolific can show up and be on any show because we are that versatile as singles, tag and trio.

Another big thank you to Marcus Marquee for taking the time to chat and introduce himself to the LWOS Pro Wrestling readers on a deeper level than what they see in the ring. Be sure to follow Marcus on social media to keep up with what he and Prolific are up to and make sure to check back for more CZW Spotlights to come!

Twitter: @MarcusMarQuee
Instagram: TheMarcusMarquee

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