Preview: AEW Rampage Card (9/16/22) – ROH TV Championship Match

AEW’s week in Albany continues with this week’s episode of Rampage as things finish lining up for the second-ever Grand Slam week. The MVP Arena, previously known as the Knickerbocker arena, was home to several major WWE events including the 1992 Royal Rumble and No Mercy 2000. Which saw the blow off t to the infamous ‘I did it for The Rock’ story of Rikishi as Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated him in the first of 2 No DQ matches of the night. The second being the very main event which saw Kurt Angle defeat The Rock to win his first WWF Championship. Let’s take a look at this AEW Rampage card.

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AEW Rampage Card for September 16, 2022

Samoa Joe’s In-Ring Return

This week’s ROH integration on Rampage sees the current ROH Television Champion, Samoa Joe, making his first title defense since Death Before Dishonor, as well as his return to the ring since taking time off after said event. He takes on another former ROH alumni and Champion in Josh Woods. The man who ended Jonathan Gresham’s very long Pure title reign and held the title into the AEW era and lost it at Supercard Of Honor.

The match, if given the chance, might be a very interesting one. As Samoa Joe may not be able to be his usual dominant, physical self. Or, on the other hand, it might go the squash route given the star level of the two, as well as the short, 1 hour timeslot.

A Rivalry Renewed….. Sort Of

During Darby Allin’s TNT Championship run, he had Matt Hardy as a major antagonist for a while. Sending various members of his “Hardy Family Office” after him. The then ‘Big Money’ Matt even had a shot at the title on the April 14, 2021 edition of Dynamite but was unsuccessful. Matt challenged Darby on Dynamite this week after stating how much he respects him. But did not cite this match. Instead, citing Darby’s one-on-one match with Jeff Hardy to start the Owen Hart Cup just a few months ago. Could this signal a sober return for Jeff? Or is it simply Matt looking to make amends while trying to measure himself? Well, time will tell as the two clash yet again.

All-Atlantic Chase

On Dynamite, Ethan Page expressed his desire to go after the All-Atlantic Championship. Now a member of The Firm, he makes his first mark under that banner as he seems to wait and see what happens between PAC and Orange Cassidy for said title. He takes on Danhausen, which contrasts PAC and Orange Cassidy, as the very serious Champion as well as Page, take on the very comedy-heavy Orange Cassidy and Danhausen.

Can Ethan Page finally make a notable mark in AEW? We more than know he has great talent, both in the ring and on the mic, but has not been given a chance in AEW.

Young vs Young

Fresh off her loss to Interim Women’s World Champion Toni Storm, Penelope Ford goes one-on-one with the very beloved but still unsigned Willow Nightingale. The former Woman Of Honor continues to bring a bright smile every time she shows up and never fails to win the crowd. At the same time, we see Penelope Ford, one of AEW’s starting women, still have a hard time finding her place.

A loss to Nightingale cannot be all that nice for Ford as she loses to the Champion. Can she beat the proverbial outsider? Can Willow Nightingale shine yet again in front of the AEW crowd?

All that and more, on tonight’s AEW Rampage card.

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