Preview: WWE Raw Card (9/12/22) – Johnny Gargano Returns to the Ring on Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw Card Preview 9-12-22

The WWE Raw card for September 12 is one stacked and ready to compete with the first week of Monday Night Football. While the NFL will certainly take its ratings/viewer share, WWE is not phoning in the Fall as they’ve seemed to do in the past. At least, not if tonight’s card is any indication. Continuing a trend of Triple H’s era, which has featured high-profile midcard bouts and the women’s division getting a much-needed spotlight, tonight’s Raw has announced three big matches will more sure to be on the docket. Fans can look forward to Johnny Gargano’s in-ring return, a women’s tag team championship rematch, and the beginning of the solo push for Dominik Mysterio as he takes on Mysterio family friend Edge. See below for more on these three big moments set for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

WWE Raw Card for September 12, 2022

Dominik’s Moment to Shine

While there was a lot to digest following WWE’s Clash at the Castle, the wrestler who emerged as the most-talked about was none other than the 25-year-old Dominik Mysterio. Mysterio, already frustrated that his father Rey chose to partner with Edge in their tag team match against Judgment Day, was ringside to corner the duo. Dom took a page out of his Uncle Eddie’s playbook when he cheated to help Rey and Edge win. While that moment wasn’t shocking on its own, it was what happened next that left people with dropped jaws. Dom turned on his papi and his Uncle Edge, giving Edge a low blow and clotheslining Rey to the mat. Last week on Raw, Dom’s actions received some clarity as it was made clear he had joined Judgment Day alongside Finn Balor, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley, who had been influencing and recruiting the generational superstar to the cause.

Tonight, in his first match as a member of Judgment Day, Dominik will face the biggest singles competition he has in his still young career, when he takes on Edge. Edge should watch his back because Judgment Day is certain to be lurking as they watch Dominik push Edge into a more permanent retirement. The question remains, how will Rey react and will he be forced to take sides between his son and one of his best friends? Dominik’s solo push seems destined to have him collide one-on-one with his father down the line, and tonight could very well plant the seeds to set up that epic clash.

Will Damage CTRL control the Women’s Tag Team Titles?

Since returning from injury and uniting with a fantastic group of female wrestlers, Bayley has been all but unstoppable. Now, her running mates in Damage CTRL, will have a chance to erase a blemish of the past. Dakota Kai and IYO SKY are getting another shot at the women’s tag team titles after having fallen short in the tournament to crown new titleholders not that long ago. The winning duo, Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah will be putting their newly won belts on the line against Kai and SKY. And this time, there is no doubt Damage CTRL is firmly in the driver’s seat as the trio is coming off a huge Clash at the Castle victory against Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss.

Will Rodriguez and Aliyah be able to retain their gold or will Damage CTRL continue to wreak havoc on the Raw women’s division?

Johnny Wrestling Makes his In-Ring Return for First Time Since 2021

When Johnny Gargano announced he was stepping away from wrestling for a bit to focus on being a full-time dad, many took that to mean he was leaving WWE and would be signing elsewhere. And for months, rumors persisted as not once but twice he was linked to AEW and a surprise debut for the opposing team. There was little reason to expect that Gargano would be returning to WWE. That is until the shake-up at the top occurred. Vince McMahon was out and his son-in-law was in. Triple H wasted no time putting his imprint on the company, elevating one protégé to the next. Ciampa received a United States Championship match and a fruitful alliance with The Miz. Now, Ciampa’s old partner and best friend is getting his shot as Gargano shocked everyone when he returned two weeks ago.

Tonight, Gargano, who is one of Triple H’s top NXT exports, begins his main roster journey. While he has wrestled on Raw/SmackDown before, his time was short-lived as plans to reunite him and Ciampa were derailed due to Ciampa’s injury. But now, the NXT Triple Crown Champion is a lone soldier, ready to show the mainstream audience just why he’s called Johnny Wrestling, and why he was NXT’s MVP for the better part of five years. That journey begins tonight when he takes the ring against an unannounced opponent. Drop your guesses as to who might step up to take on the rising star, in the comments below.

All that and more tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw.

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