Stardom News: Cinderella Tournament First Round Results, Syuri Welcomes MIRAI

Stardom Cinderella Tournament 2022
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The first round of Stardom’s Cinderella Tournament has come and gone as there was plenty of “bracket busters” to dramatically change the field moving forward in the tournament. Feeling almost exactly like March Madness, the first round had a number of upsets that featured two heavy favorites being eliminated before the night was over.

Here are the match results and the updated bracket following the first night:

  • Unagi Sayaka defeated Hina
  • Saki Kashima defeated Waka Tsukiyama
  • Maika defeated Hanan
  • MIRAI defeated Mina Shirakawa
  • Mayu Iwatani defeated Momo Kohgo
  • Natsupoi defeated Starlight Kid
  • Utami Hayashishita vs. Tam Nakano ended in a draw (both eliminated)
  • Second Round: Saya Kamitani vs. Maika ended in a draw (both eliminated)
  • Mai Sakurai defeated Lady C
  • Saya Iida defeated Rina
  • Koguma defeated Fukigen Death
  • Himeka defeated Ruaka
  • Hazuki defeated Miyu Amasaki
  • Giulia defeated Thekla
  • AZM defeated Momo Watanabe
  • Syuri defeated Ami Sourei

Updated Cinderella Tournament Bracket

Right side:

  • Unagi Sayaka vs. Natsupoi — the winner goes to the semi-finals
  • Mayu Iwatani vs. Saki Kashima
  • MIRAI to the quarterfinals, will face Mayu Iwatani or Saki Kashima.

Left side:

Saya Iida vs. Mai Sakurai
Giulia vs. Koguma
Hazuki vs. AZM
Syuri vs. Himeka

Syuri Officially Creates God’s Eye Faction, MIRAI Joins The Group and Leaves Donna del Mondo

To end the show, Syuri announced following her win over bodyguard Ami Sourei that her new faction would go by the name of God’s Eye. This comes one week after the World of Stardom Champion officially left Donna del Mondo following her match with Giulia at Stardom World Climax ~ The Best ~. After the announcement of the faction name, MIRAI would make her way down to the ring. She’d ask to join God’s Eye, which Syuri would accept. MIRAI is now the third member of the group, getting an opportunity to effectively be the number two of God’s Eye behind Syuri. Following her win on this show, it feels this is part of MIRAI’s overall evolution to the eventual main event picture.
God’s Eye would close out the show embracing as the future of Stardom continues to be an ever-changing promotion.

The second round of the tournament will continue on April 10.

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