The Undertaker To Be Inducted Into the WWE Hall of Fame

The Undertaker Joins Hall of Fame Class of 2022

In news which has been suspected ever since it was announced that WrestleMania will be held in Texas this year, it has now been confirmed by the WWE that The Undertaker will be inducted into the Hall of Fame Class of 2022, which he will no doubt headline.

Long Overdue

Undertaker Joins Hall of Fame
Photo: WWE

As any professional wrestling fan could tell you, The Undertaker (Mark Callaway) is one of the greatest legends to grace the squared circle; not only in the history of the Vince McMahon led promotion that is the WWE, but in the entire history of the sport. His longevity in the WWE, particular, has to be held up among the greatest ever. He broke into the WWE with his televised debut at Survivor Series 1990, where he was immediately booked as an un-dead undertaker – complete with the no-selling one might expect from a zombie. Debuting in what was then the twilight years of the Hulk Hogan era, Undertaker would become an ever-present member of the company – lasting right through the Stone Cold Steve Austin led Attitude era, through the Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle dominated Ruthless Aggression Era, John Cena‘s PG Era and the present era, fronted by the likes of Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch.

Undertaker has quite literally seen everyone come and go. He stayed on top for generations, whilst only slightly tweaking his gimmick – though going through something of an extreme character change during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras, where he would ditch the trench coats, stetson hats and eyeliner for bandannas and Harley-Davidsons. His final match to date came two years ago at WrestleMania 36 when he overcame AJ Styles in a “Bone Yard” cinematic match; the final swansong for WWE’s most loyal superstar. The Hall of Fame has always felt incomplete without the The Undertaker and, this year, he will finally get the send-off his decades-long service has more than justified.

For a complete summary of The Undertaker’s WWE career, check out our 2020 series on Five Decades of the Deadman.

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